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Noelle Rose™ is known for wearing many hats in the arts & entertainment industries. She's received Emmy Nominations for various arts & achievements.  Professional model, actress, activist, public speaker, artist, author, singer, dancer music composer, writer/author, and all round entertainer.  Additionally, she is an amazing seamstress and clothing designer who is responsible for a majority of the costumes for Rubans Rouges ®  & Rubans Rouges Dance ® 

Red Ribbons™

She offers a means of healing via the arts, mostly dance and her books. With Red Ribbons™ , the official symbol of her movement standing against trafficking and childhood abuse of any form, she provides those who've suffered from child molestation safe place to "feel the experience"™ with a live Dance Drama™ performance and the book: "DanceWarrior  ® - Red Ribbons™" Also, an outspoken public speaker on the subject of children's (this includes boys & girls) & women's rights, stopping trafficking & child abuse and molestation,  & many others.

Noelle Rose™ the Dance Warrior®

Noelle Rose™ is the Dance Warrior® and performs for your events, produces shows & concerts, helps your school with outreaches with the Dance Warrior®  program that includes ChooseDANCE™ by Dance Warrior® , and provides products for you in hopes to reach and mend broken hearts.

Noelle Rose™

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DanceWarrior ®: From Cancer to Dancer Volume 1


This page turner details Noelle Rose's triumphant journey using dance and ballet to rehabilitate herself back to health and the performance stage. On her sojourn she meets an unlikely friend who is the reason Noelle Rose dances today. Beautifully told to inspire you through your trials so that you may experience triumph as well.

Portions of this story crosses over into the RED Ribbons books and DanceWarrior: RED Ribbons - Shattered Innocence. This version is intended for mature audiences/readers. 

DanceWarrior ®: RED Ribbons - Shattered Innocence Volume 2


"Raw. Real. Uncensored.® " Noelle Rose Andressen, shares the true tale of her RED Ribbons ™ ®; the dark secret that plagued her family for decades, how she found strength and turned the meaning of the RED Ribbons ™ to symbolize "turning tragedy into triumph ™ ". Portions of this story contain overlapping elements from her "From Cancer to Dancer" book in the series as tells the tale of how she met Lois Greenfield and went from being an everyday person, young dancer into a celebrity that fought her way in DanceWarrior ™  style through life. 

DISCLAIMER: Contains mature material intended for adults. Some may find the content quite intense as it delves into the subject of child molestation. Join Noelle Rose as she stands up against all forms of sexual and physical abuse & gives those without a voice-a voice.

DanceWarrior ®: Inspirations - Strength of a Rose Volume 3


The Inspirations titles within the Dance Warrior® Book Series was created not as a masterpiece of authoring or journalism, as it consists mostly of transcripts of Noelle Rose's videos, speeches, short stories, ideas, conversations in order to further protect and establish Noelle Rose's intellectual property. 

There are several more volumes due to be published soon as we battle against the corporations #CorporateCallout

Noelle Rose™ Artist & Award Winning Performer

Noelle Rose™ Artist - Performer - Nominated Performance Artist of the Year - Artistic Director of Rubans Rouges Dance®


Noelle Rose™ a well rounded performer as a dancer (Ballet & Contemporary), choreographer, actress, model, and singer. 

Her credits include: Hollywood Reporter's Key Art Awards, FOX's Modern Family, Sony's Remember the Time MJ music video,  GLAAD Awards, Tribute to Maya Angelou at City Walk Universal City Studios, CBS Studio Center, TLNetwork, The Cam Group, In The Heights Tribute to Lin-Manuel at City Walk Universal City Studios, CSI, Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip, Notes From The Underbelly, PROFILE, and many indie dance films that toured globally.

Known for her performance & choreography in critically acclaimed Dance Drama™  RED RIBBONS™ that depicts in dance & drama the story about her overcoming child molestation and rape. Real life and the arts collided when this dance was first banned then censored for its controversial topic, she fought hard for the truth and won her battle and was able to perform it for the first time, although censored, in 2008. Noelle Rose™ was Nominated 2014 as Performance Artist of the Year! And her performance & choreography was considered for an Emmy in "Beauty from Ashes". The Associated Press published her story in December of 2017 that went viral being picked up by over 250 news affiliates and stations. The story depicts her child abuse story and the effects of it,-assault-triggered-by-recent-events - Thank YOU Associated Press! Ladies & Gentlemen: The effects of being abused as a child can have moments and effects that carry through life. These moments are not weaknesses - they show one's humanity and humility.


In 2009 she merged dance and her Emmy nominated film-making to form professional, multi-media dance company: Rubans Rouges Dance®

 that expresses dance art through cinema, stage and various mediums. Mostly seeing herself as a dancer that expresses herself through movement; she shares healing messages of understanding and compassion through her company's mission. Not necessarily defining herself as a choreographer alone, but a story-teller & dancer that uses her life's history and other's as a source of material to give many HOPE. Not only does she "write what she knows", but also dances what she has lived through. "How else can I reach people unless I've been there myself. My quest is to touch hearts and share the sublime nature of love. Ultimately, my dance company was formed from a seed of deep LOVE." Noelle Rose™  is also credited as Noelle Rose™  Andressen and/or with her married name: Kale.

Noelle Rose™ Author - Activist - Public Speaker


Noelle Rose™ is an Emmy Nominated Writer and speaks publicly to advocate for the arts, women & children's rights & their well being, cancer research especially breast cancer as she is a survivor, diversity, spiritual & motivational themes, inclusiveness, stands up against abuse & bullying & sexual crimes, and topics close to her heart. Often, she will uniquely combine public speaking and her dance & choreographic talents to present a well rounded program that educates and entertains.

She has spoken & danced for The American Cancer Society, Relay for Life, One Circle, women empowerment groups, Tomiko Fraser Hines Goddess Gathering, and many more high profile celebrity events. Featured: Noelle Rose™  & Lois Greenfield (used with permission) at the premier book signing of "DanceWarrior®: RED Ribbons™  - Shattered Innocence". We love Lois!

Noelle Rose™ Professional Adviser & Wellness Coach


Noelle Rose™ Also works as a Professional Adviser for others in life, arts and in business. Whether its arts, entertainment, prepping for dance/acting auditions, publicity, marketing/advertising, public relations, public speaking, business strategies, she has a keen eye for trends and an intuition on how to reach the heart and encourage the mind. She believes living an authentic life starts with inner work and drawing it outwards. She is ready for hire and also assists her friends. 

NOTE: She never works without receiving credit and/or a form of compensation with a contract. We've had some instances in which unscrupulous others attempted to take advantage of stealing her intellectual property without permission and/or compensation. We do not like to have to press charges against anyone for doing so, but sometimes we have to because we and she do not tolerate abuse.

Featured: The wonderful children from San Pedro City Ballet in which they graciously hosted DanceWarrior®: ChooseDANCE™  Program. We love you guys! Thank you!

Noelle Rose™ Emmy Nominated Writer-Producer music composer &

RED Ribbons™

Noelle Rose™  had beautiful women in her family that loved to tell her stories and showed her how to create and develop her own. The RED Ribbons™  Book Series is compiled by adventurous tales abstracted from Noelle Rose's ™ real life happenings & events told in a very fanciful way. While the RED Ribbons ™ brand  is very much connected to her suffering child abuse, she has taken elements of the truth and in a tasteful and age appropriate way shows how hurting children can also "turn tragedy into triumph™ " and make a difference in this world. This is an on-growing series that both children & adults will love. There is also an older teen/young adults version of these same stories that go further into details and depth and is marketed and written to address the more deeper psychological aspects of such trials. The reason for the different re-tellings of the same stories is that we believe as does Noelle Rose™  that we shouldn't shield or dumb down our children. They can handle much more than we believe however, we also do not want to traumatize them with this truth. For the older/teens young adults we want to reach your hearts so you can "Feel the experience ™ " and be encouraged to "triumph over tragedy ™ ".


RED RIbbons™ - Book One  

RED RIBBONS™ has been a beloved children's book series that is based on a true story (stories) that have been re-told in an allegorical tale and adventures that are suitable and created just for children. There are valuable life lessons for the youth as well as entertaining stories. Join our heroine Noelle Rose as she battles evil turning tragedy into triumph using dance, music, song, love and her voice to win the day.

Book One in the series. The fairy tale about Noelle Rose begins as her epic journey into a world of her past and present collide and create the future or is it the past. Find out the truth about her RED RIBBONS, their magic powers and the truth about her destiny as she frees the children from bondage.

NOTE: These books are self-published and printed by us.

The first publication date is May 3, 2018.



 Book Two in the series broadens the continuing saga and sheds light about Noelle Rose's history as she faces off with her nemesis and villain Alexander. A special "Truth See-er" interprets the reoccurring vision Noelle Rose keeps having as the memory of her mother resurfaces. She discovers the healing power of the red ribbons and finds a friend in the least likeliest of places. 


NOTE: These books are self-published and printed by us.

The first publication date is May 3, 2018.



 In Book Three Noelle Rose finds herself in a seemingly impossible situation with many ears listening and many eyes watching her every move, she manages to bring peace and overcome her corporate foes. During her travels she finds out more secrets about the RED RIBBONS and their magical strength and a dark, daring admirer makes himself known.


NOTE: These books are self-published and printed by us.

The first publication date is May 3, 2018.



 With the fourth Book in the Red Ribbons Series Noelle Rose is captured by Alexander. Noelle Rose's skill, wisdom, and strength not only save her but saves a friend from the past as she searches for the truth about her mother.


NOTE: These books are self-published and printed by us.

The first publication date is May 3, 2018.



 In this Fifth Book, the series takes on a new turn as Noelle Rose matures into a young adult. She falls in love but questions his alliance as Alexander returns. Noelle Rose's "sister" also returns but Alexander vows to keep them apart. In the most exciting and suspenseful installment thus far, find out how our heroine triumphs over tragedy. 


NOTE: These books are self-published and printed by us.

The first publication date is May 3, 2018.



FORTHCOMING: For the 6th installment of this series, Noelle Rose finds out about the truth of her mother and opens new doors. BUY & Reserve your copy now. 


NOTE: These books are self-published and printed by us.

The first publication date is May 3, 2018.



FORTHCOMING: The contents of this story-line is under-wraps for various reasons. You may Buy & Reserve your copy now. 


Noelle Rose™ - History of the Lil Strawberry ™

Her Beginnings - I was a Lil Strawberry™

Noelle Rose ™  born mostly of Italian and French decent, she shares quite a diverse ethnic background that spans 4 continents and over 12 countries, 3 faiths, and a lot of love and art. Her grandmother Nana or Nona, Marie Antinette, was a beautiful dancer & entertainer herself (photo featured right). She was vastly responsible for Noelle Rose™ becoming the entertainer and artist she is today. Noelle Rose™ had beautiful strawberry hair from birth that has become her legendary trademark of her brand. She still has the two blonde streaks at her temples in which her mother Shirley-Marie always told her it was a perfect blend & sign of her parent's love: Noelle Rose's ™  father was a blonde and her mother had hair as dark as a raven's crest thus they made her - a lil' Strawberry her 

Noelle Rose™ had her first ballet performance when she was Pre-Kindergarten (photo featured right). He Nona always said, "Should you lose your way, go back to the beginning..." And this is exactly what Noelle Rose ™  did each time she was separated from dance; her triumph over breast cancer; legal blindness diagnosis; and post spinal cord injury. She went back to her beginning and placed her left hand on the barre fiercely. Ballet was Noelle Rose's ™  beginning but it was not her ending or the middle of her story. She uses the ballet dance discipline & technique to create and preform intense modern and contemporary dance pieces that depict her true life stories to encourage you her audience.

Along the way, she has worked both in front and behind the camera for TV & Film Moguls such as Aaron Spelling and many others. Mr. Spelling admired her talents, tenacity and her shrewdness, and believed that she would surpass his for she could always see and tell him why he did the things he did in the business world.  This was an important learning process for Noelle Rose ™  as she learned what to do and what not to do in the various businesses she has owned and created. She also worked in marketing for SUNSET Magazine assisting the department and here too learned how to take a product and honestly present it to the world. All of these stepping stones created who she is today as a well sought after talent both in front and behind the camera.


Quotes for Noelle Rose ™

Lois Greenfield

"Her story is truly inspirational to anyone...Noelle Rose ™  is a true DanceWarrior™ RED Ribbons is beautifully danced & choreographed..."Noelle Rose is very talented, and a beautiful strong dancer...her choreography  is very passionate, not cliche, held my interest the entire time....very professional group to work with..."

Celebrate Women Today

"She is a true powerhouse to all women."

Maimah Karmo, HuffPost, Publisher of Bliss Magazine

"You are a warrior and you're already victorious..."

Jenna Barnett, MellennialMomTV

"Noelle is a fierce Warrior and powerful influencer who won't let anything stop her from sharing her message and help others find the warrior inside themselves."

Ted Mills, Scene Magazine

"...Challenges ideas of age and beauty"

Michael Napoli, Performing Arts LIVE

“It was compelling and well danced.

Keep up the good work.”

Kimlai Yingling, Indie artspeak

  A New Year is about establishing resolutions,starting fresh and facing our truths as we get ready to embrace another year. Awakenings and Beginnings has come into its 7th year and the International Dance Festival's closing night performance presented artists and choreographers with an open stage to express their own truths through movement. The night was an emergence of soulful artists coming together on one stage under one roof to celebrate independent dance. 

Beth Megill, LA Dance Review

"Awakenings and Beginnings - the heartbeat of the independent dance  scene in LA. Dance where artists come together to share and learn in a way  that further drives the independent spirit forward with integrity and cultural  capital. Starting the new year with a vibrant festival is an ideal way to launch  artists into the year by giving them an opportunity to arrive with their current  works and leave with a pocket full of inspiration."

Leanne Mulcahy, Host, Stand Out Radio

 “What an incredibly resilient and talented woman Noelle is.  She tells her story of the challenges she’s faced and continues to face yet nothing seems to hold her back or bring her  down. Her love of dance and movement runs deep and was  the antidote she turned to when her body was experiencing  a health crisis or her soul when she was molested as a child or the myriad of hardships she’s overcome. Noelle is an  inspiration, a calm and gentle voice filled with hope and happiness for those of us who have ever felt alone, who are  in the midst of something big, or are uncertain of what their future holds.”  

Beth Megill, LA Dance Review

“...authentic connection between the dancers, where the audience disappeared and all that was left was the connection between them”

Kelly Mullen-McWillimas, ROMPER

“Noelle Rose is probably my favorite

interview subject this year, it was such

a pleasure, she’s inspiring.”

Kimlai Yingling, Indie artspeak

Red/Rosewood & Silk 

All the elements were beautiful and inspiring. 

It was very surreal.


 This was a beautifully played out modern dance piece. I could feel what the dancers were feeling. It was 

a nice celebration piece to honor the special memory of Ms. Anna Djanbazian. What would have made 

this piece for me is if there was a dancer actually wearing the wings sitting in the shadows as to portray 

Ms. Djanbazian. (We agree, we've implemented this element. Thanks so much for your input!)

Noelle Rose ™ in the Press &

There has been a lot of great press about Noelle Rose ™ , Rubans Rouges, Rubans Rouges Dance, her various businesses, and lots of her wonderful projects and community charity & outreaches. Please feel free to connect with us if you are a member of the press or media at our main Los Angeles Office 310-890-8285. If you'd like official copies of any of our articles, magazines, interviews, videos, TV/Film clips, photos, etc. please do not hesitate to reach out. Please click on the bar below that will take you to our Rubans Rouges Dance oficial website. There you will find a small sampling of the vast amounts of press and coverage we've received. Thank you to all those who've supported us and have helped us establish our message.

NOTE: NoellelRose, sometimes credited as Noelle Rose Andressen-Kale, or Noelle Kale, does not work for free, is not a ghost writer, ghost dancer/choreographer, and is always cited as an expert source when interviewed in the news & media. At times we've found her words (some from private conversations & some from her intellectual property) being used without her or our permission or consent. Thank you to those who've helped us in identifying all works because of her/us speaking up, those who expected wrongfully so for her to give her work for free or to allow those to steal her work, have attempted to take things that she's rightfully earned away from her. We are all fighting this very hard. It is a modern day slave labor story. 

#ModernDaySlavery #CorporateCallout #WW3isACorporateWar

Noelle Rose™