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​​Workshops & Master Classes 

These classes are open to the public via dance festivals, special & limited edition workshops, and outreaches. You may call our office 310-890-8285 for all future classes and new schedules and/or you may sign up with the form on the right and click "Check here to receive email updates".

+ Acro-Yoga

We require that you bring a partner for this class that are roughly the same weight.

  • Learn to properly hold your core
  • Gain flexibility
  • Fun partnering
  • Incorporate dance movement and RRD choreography

+ Partnering

We do not require you to have a partner in order to sign up for this particular class. Should there be an odd number of students, we will then have our Classroom Assistant partner with you. We do suggest that if you dance with a partner regularly or if it's very important to you that you have a guaranteed partner, you bring that person with you. You do not need extraordinary strength to do this class. We teach you how to use your center, gravity, and weight to be able to do most lifts. As far as catches and throws, weight may play into the effectiveness of executing the movements.

  • Learn fun lifts, catches, and throws
  • Improve your balance
  • Gain essential timing skills

+ Laban/Bartinieff Fundamentals

  • Improve movement connectivity
  • Learn basic Laban/Bartenieff vocabulary notation
  • Increase mobility and fluidity

+ Horton Beginning/Basics

  • Develop core strength
  • Learn fortifications
  • Focus on lengthening

​If you are a festival presenter and would like our company to teach any of the above workshops, please contact us via the form to the right or by calling our office. We can work a special rate for your non-profit event.