NOTE: All the videos on Kristopher & Noelle Rose's facebook page are under copyright and are protected under copyright law. You may not re-state these words in other interviews, videos, screenplays, etc. We the Executive Board of Rubans Rouges Dance, The Andressen Family & Estate, The Board of Rubans Rouges Dance, K. Kale & family are owners of this property and will Sue anyone who steals from these materials. We do not take infringement lightly. We have several attorneys, Ms. Andressen comes from a family of law, her husband is also in law and will be taking the BAR soon. Do NOT infringe upon our materials. We will pursue at all costs. Additionally, if you reach out to us via email (at any of our addresses), phone or voice mail and do not hear from us, please suspect hacking or blocking via a third party. Please know it is not us doing this and want to speak with you. Please keep trying and please inform Washington DC what is occurring. If you've attempted to reach us either by phone or email and do not hear from us, your communication has been tampered with or interfered with. Please keep trying and also alert Washington DC at 202.456.1414 to help us rid of the hackers and blockers. Thank you friends! Your voice matters and can help us get to the bottom of our communication being interfered with. We love you all and thank you friends! To give an example: Ms. Andressen's best friend of 25 years hasn't been able to connect with us or us with her. This is a huge problem, none of these ladies got into a fight or had harsh words. We now strongly suspect a corporation(s) doing this to keep us from comparing notes and helping one another. This is an abusive form of isolation and we will prosecute, your help is wanted. Also to state not all corporations are problematic, there are many fine groups of people who are integral. We thank them!

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