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Please note: Most of VDC's events are sponsored by other dance companies, community outreaches, non-profits, etc.
VDC is not associated with the LAVC Dance Program. This is not by our choice; however we do support & donate to this program.


An annual community dance event.

Thrill the World Los Angeles:
Thriller Dance Practice at Valley Glen Community Park
During October ONLY.

Club Meetings: Thursdays 12:15-1:15

Dance Ensemble Rehearsals: Debbie Reynolds, North Hollywood.

Master Dance Classes: Summer Schedule

Upcoming Events & Performances: 

Thank you LAVC ASU for your support www.lavc.edu/asu
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Past Events, Pre-Pro Competitions & Performances:

Apple Awards: Unofficial-not a club event; only individuals
Arbor Day Festival: Unofficial-not a club event; individuals
Club Day: Cultural & Social Awareness, Salsa Bash
Club Day: 11-12 Gangnam Style Class & Performance
Club Day: Halloween, 10-12: Hip Hop Performance
RUSH WEEK 2012: Hip Hop Dance-Off
RUSH WEEK 2012: Luau 
RUSH WEEK 2012: 1950's At the Hop
Los Angeles County Fair 2012 (collaboration Rubans Rouges Dance Company)
MixMatch 2012 (collaboration Rubans Rouges Dance)
Dance Expo 2012
Arbor Day Festival 5-4-12
Cultural & Social Awareness 4-25-12
Fine Arts Festival 4-11-12
Apple Awards 2012
Salsa Bash 3-19-12 & 3-26-12
Club Day: Spirit Day, 3-14-12
LAVC Fall Showcase Dec, 2011
Pierce Harvest Festival Nov, 2011
Thriller Event 10-26-11 & 10-31-11
Club Day Event: Breast Cancer Awareness, 10-12-11
Club Day Theme: "Hello, We Are...", 9-28-11
Moving Planet Parade, 9-24-11
Club Day Theme: Welcome, 9-14-11
LAVC Jamboree, Fall 2011
BSU Campus Event, Spring 2011
Club Day Theme: Culture-Graham Tribute, Spring 2011
ICC Banquet, Spring 2011
Club Day Theme: Death of Education, Spring 2011
Spanish Club Event, Spring 2011
Apple Awards, Spring 2010
Arts Festival, (with Rubans Rouges Dance) Spring 2010
Dean's Reception, Fall 2010
Club Day Living Statues, Fall 2010
Thriller Flash Mob, Fall 2010
Club Day, Fall 2010
Dean's Reception, Fall 2009
Apple Awards, Spring 2009
Apple Awards, Spring 2008
*Please note: all these events are student produced and/or are collaborations with other companies & institutions.

Denim Day - Rape & Emergency Hotlines:
If you need immediate help please contact: 911
Los Angeles Rape & Battering Hotlines:
213-626-3393 (Central Los Angeles)
310-392-8381 (South Los Angeles)
626-793-3385 (West San Gabriel Valley)

National Emergency Hotlines:
800-656-HOPE (4673)
National Domestic Violence Hotline:
800-799-SAFE (7233)
800-787-3224 TDD

Peace Over Violence

Event Credits:

Executive Producer & Artistic Director: Noelle Andressen
In Collaboration with ASU, Active Club & Arts Club
Committee: Noelle Andressen, Chair, Sandy Aparicio, Natali, Johniema Hababag, Johnnica Hababag, Jared Kale, Ashley Miller, Vibha Naran, Lester Salvador, Anne Tufenkjian

Note from the Producer:
I personally want to thank everyone on the committee for helping me implement my vision for our community. I'm grateful for all your dedication and support to bring this event together. I could not have done it alone and I'm very glad that I didn't. Many hours went into planning this event. Often times administrative work remains invisible and unnoticed and sometimes un-thanked. I wanted to make sure that did not happen in this case. I'm proud of all of you and pleased beyond words of your talents and successes. Thank you deeply from the depths of my heart.

In admiration,

By the students for the students.

Special thank you to: Everyone in ASU, Norvan and Eduard, Raquel Sanchez, Francie, Liz Casebolt, Carla Lubow, Amanda, Wendi, and many many more who helped make this event possible.