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Noelle Rose Andressen has faced many hurdles in her life: breast cancer, being abused as a child, death, sexual abuse, being bullied and has overcome each hurdle with strength, grace, and beauty. During her trials she was nicknamed Dance Warrior, as she used dance to battle and overcome her trials.

Desiring to help others Miss Andressen found a creative way to combine dance (performances, community outreaches, classes & workshops), dance instruction (live & pre-recorded), storytelling via her performances and public speaking, books and videos, and also utilizing social media to share the good news.

All of the products are based off of Noelle Rose Andressen's real life circumstances in which she "turned tragedy to triumph" using dance as a catalyst. Explore our website and learn more about our products, performances, and studio for all ages.

Dance Warrior TM offers many dance options: classes & workshops, programming, entertainment, inspiration, books, videos and tools to help you become Dance Warrior TM too. 

What is Dance Warrior - Watch Our Video

Dance Warrior Books

Dance Warrior - From Cancer to Dancer - $19.95 : BUY HERE

Dance Warrior - Red Ribbons - $19.95 : BUY HERE

Dance Warrior - Inspirations - Strength of a Rose - $19.95 : BUY HERE

Noelle Rose Andressen the Dance Warrior in The NEWS

See Noelle Rose Andressen the Dance WarriorTM on FOCUS TV Millennial Mom

“You Are A Warrior and You’re Already Victorious”: Noelle Rose HuffingtonPost

Launch of Dance Warrior From Cancer to Dancer Book signing

Dance happens in the heart

You can get your daily dose of Dance Warrior with an inspirational video download collection. Here's a sample of inspirational and encouraging dance words on video that you can purchase. A work book series is included with guidelines and more inspiring works to help you too become a Dance Warrior.

Purchase a 30 day program:

$99.95 Dance Warrior Program A: BUY HERE
$99.95 Dance Warrior Program B: BUY HERE

$99.95 Dance Warrior Program C: BUY HERE

Dance Warrior Video Downloads

Strengthen for Arch, Improve your Line

Download here: LINK

Dance Warrior - Learn it in your Livingroom Part 1 of 3

Download here: LINK

Dance Warrior - Learn it in your Livingroom Part 2 of 3

Download here: LINK

Dance Warrior - Learn it in your Livingroom Part 3 of 3

Download here: LINK

DanceWarriorTM is also a copyright dance and movement curriculum for all ages, that toddlers through the senior citizen age can enjoy and develop skills. Each level of training is age appropriate & can be customized to suit your needs whether you're strengthening your body or a professional dancer wanting to further your education. Each class teaches movement, music theory, and meditative philosophical lessons to bring into your life to help you be a DanceWarriorTM. We give an estimate of age appropriateness for each class grouping. Please be aware that some children show more aptitude in specific areas than others and may be placed in a class below or above the recommended age groupings. We discuss with the parent(s) and assess to make the best decision for the child. 

DanceWarriorTM Studio & Classes/Workshops

Wee - Warriors Level I (18 months-2/2.5 yrs of age must be accompanied by parent)
A great way to introduce basic motor coordination with music.

Wee Warriors Level II (2.5-3.5 yrs of age must be accompanied by parent)
A slightly more advanced curriculum that further develops eye hand coordination with music syncopation.

Mini Warriors (3.5/4-5 years of age)
This movement and coordination class gives the child an opportunity to use creativity, music, movement, props, and beginning dance steps.

Little Warriors (5-6 years of age) Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Hip Hop

Youth Warriors (7-9 years of age)

Jr. Warriors (10-pre-teens)

Sr. Warriors (13-17 years of age)
A more structured class environment that samples each of the four techniques.

​We have two new levels of DanceWarriorTM classes for you including: Restoration Class perfect for those who are healing their bodies after a physically tasking period in their lives or those who need to deeply relax their muscles. We focus on alignment and stabilization techniques. Perfect for the older DanceWarriorTM We also have an after school program and weekend workshop formats available for your school, church, or club.


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Dance Warrior T-Shirts

$18.95: BUY HERE

Dance Warrior Calendar

 This collection specially chosen by Noelle Rose Andressen with quotes from her books & Lois Greenfield photography to capture the blending of a Dance Warrior's passion & dance movement. 

$26.95: BUY HERE