Artegrity - Integrity for the Arts & Artists with Integrity Program™
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​For those of you who thrive and hunger for integrity in the arts of all forms and formats, this may be the program for you. Here at Rubans Rouges we are tired of petty games and hazing of all levels and kinds including unprofessional-ism and false accusations of it. We want to be very integral and not be a part of such things. We understand that misunderstandings occur and mistakes made, we are not talking about these honest human errors. We are talking about intent to harm to elevate one's self and purposefully put another one down or under for any reason. We've unfortunately experienced such things at the hands of unscrupulous others, falsely accused, our materials and Ms. Andressen's property stolen and gleaned from and placed on others and more. We want to rise above all of that.

Due to our experience we decided to brand and trademark a program to help ensure artists a good experience and create accountability for deeds and behavior, that also includes us too. We are not part of a corporate conglomerate and never will be. If we affiliate with someone it is because they've proven to us that they are integral. If they show us otherwise, then we no longer work with them until they can provide evidence of change in behavior. We take these things very seriously as the wrong that has been done to us is vast and we know that others have had similar experiences. The arts should not be contaminated with political efforts, nor become a corporate conglomerate run entity, with any means of sabotage or trying to set others up to fail. We believe that: Respect of copyright, trademark, branding, image, property rights should remain that of the creator's and not stolen from on any level. We also believe that no one should coerce anyone to give up their positions, company, or property in order to be excepted into the community. We are referring to for example: hint dropping for Mrs. Andressen-Kale to retire so someone younger can take over and if she doesn't then our festival and she will fail or not be allowed into other festivals, not be able to perform, be given bad reviews so others who copied our pieces can be elevated, etc. It's quite insidious and we are putting a stop to this because we do not want to be a part of this form of unprofessional-ism. Additionally, attempting to set up our company or Mrs. Andressen-Kale to look badly in order to justify getting rid of her/us, or her image to be dopple-ganged or mirrored in any way. We are pressing and filing charges in all cases as her image is our property fully. Artists, be aware, as this can happen to you too.

Our program provides a network of those who share our common goal to provide an integral setting in which we all can grow and belong to a group that will never harm another intentionally. If they do, they're kicked out of the network until things are remedied. It is a non-profit, non-paid, unselfish venture to cause all artists to be professional, resolve all issues professionally and help create a strong network that is all inclusive without snobbery. If this sounds like water in a dry desert to you, please connect with us so we may get you involved. We have several levels and classifications/designations from amateur to professional. We've currently infused it into our Awakenings & Beginnings International Dance Festival™ programming and will continue to have seminars and other settings for all to share and chat about it.

The Rules & Guidelines with Procedures that we follow will be updated accordingly. Our number one rule is to be inclusive with accountability for poor behavior.

​Call Studio City 818-388-4256 OR Los Angeles 310-890-8285 our NYC # is temporarily suspended until further notice.
If you've attempted to reach us either by phone or email and do not hear from us, your communication has been tampered with or interfered with. Please keep trying and also alert Washington DC at 202.456.1414 to help us rid of the hackers and blockers. Thank you friends!