Past Recipients 2011-2013
Kirby Harrell
Jonathan Mendez
George Rendal
Kim Smith
Joanne Zuniga
Carol Butler
Johnica Habag
Josh Pirro
Katie Madigan
Jay Kale
Johniema Hababag

Dance Club and the Dance Club Ensemble extends their
deepest gratitude and thanks to all who make this
possible. We are very honored to receive these
accolades and share them with our community.

Thank you & Congratulations to our Members.

Recipients of the Marie Antinette 2012 Scholarships:

Thank you LAVC ASU for your support
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Joanne Zuniga
Johniema Hababag

Dance Club Member of the Month is:



Every month the President and Vice President would
like to honor a Dance Club Member who has exemplified
the character, dedication, artistry and standards of our
group. This is our way of saying thank you for all that they
do to make our club wonderful. They'll receive a
certificate and a special gift.

Club Member of the Month:

We are voting & announcing the Valley Dance Club Member
of the month. Do stop by to show your support and congratulations!

Dance Club Member of the Month is chosen by the club as a
whole by voting. The member with the most votes will be Club
Member of the Month. Should there be a tie, the President and/or
VP will decide. Members are only eligible to win once per semester.