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​LA Audition Schedule (tba Fall 2018-2019 10th SEASON!!!, North Hollywood, CA)

Pro Dance Ensemble: 2018 Season Performances. See our Facebook ad at: - OR - For more information

Please call our Assistant Managing Director for more details 818.388.4256.
Please leave a voicemail. Speak slow and clear. Leave your name and phone number.

Rubans Rouges Pro Dance Ensemble: 1 Opening for professional male & female dancers with a minimum of 3 years performing experience in known venues and companies. This is not an entry level position. Ballet background 5-7 years a MUST, HORTON technique to execute modern dance movement, partnering experience, physically athletic, familiar with our repertoire style. MUST be a team player; MUST be able to show utmost respect to Ms. Andressen and be under her leadership, our Board, and be gracious to your colleague(s) and fellow dancer(s); loyal; MUST sign a non-disclosure form upon accepting any of our contracts; no conflicts of interest; MUST have a unique look and desire to be themselves and not carbon copies of others; MUST be able to keep the drama on the stage for performances and not in the studio. We are extremely diverse as we accept and hire all races, religions, philosophies, sexual identities and/or preferences, ages; disabilities, sizes & shapes. Ms. Andressen quotes her friend and mentor: "Love first then dance." Please read this article before you attend one of our auditions. It will give you some insight as to what we are looking for and what is expected of you:Auditions, Interviews, Jobs

Rubans Rouges Pro Ensemble: 0 openings
Red Ribbons Pre-Pro Ensemble:
1 openings. 1 female. Base pay $75.00 per show
Little Ribbons Jr Dance Ensemble/Apprentice: 0 openings.
PrePro Apprentices: 0 openings.
Support Staff: Editorial Writers Pro and Interns. Both paid. See our facebook listings. Thank you for your interest in our company. Please check back periodically or sign up for our eMails, newsblasts, or like our facebook page to keep up to date on our auditions. Photos: Above Tim Agler; Below Paul Antico