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A group of Angelenos living separate lives are caught in an overlapping story-line as their lives are hurled into tragedy and trials as they fall prey to being profiled. Produced by Emmy Nominated writers-producers Kristopher Kale and Noelle Rose Andressen-Kale. Featuring an very talented cast of performers... SEE IMDB for PROFILE

Baby Doe's Heartbeat

The husband & wife team of Kristopher Kale & Noelle Rose Andressen-Kale present a docu-drama narrative film that garnered 5 Emmy Nominations "Baby Doe's Heartbeat. This epic tale depicts the true lives of mothers facing the decision of keeping their born child or abandoning their child in a trash bin. This controversial topic was first brought to light in film by The Kales. SEE IMDB FOR Baby Doe's Heartbeat

RED Ribbons™

A dance drama told with heart-wrenching emotion & tender triumph, shares the true life story of dancer Noelle Rose™ the Dance Warrior® and how she overcame the horrors of being sexually molested as a child. The tale is told beautifully and lovingly without sparing the intimate details. As always ENCOPA Productions TV & Film projects prides itself for "Bringing truth to the screen"™ SEE IMDB for RED Ribbons

Get the Emmy nominated score featuring: Kristopher Kale, Noelle Rose Andressen-Kale, aka: Amoureux the husband & wife symphonic rock band https://amoureuxmusic.com/

Amoureux Music performs on Emmy nominated soundtrack score for Baby Doe's Heartbeat Noelle Rose

Our projects in various stages of production

ANOMALY - Production Phase


Anomaly: An unidentified flying object or an event occurring without provocation or explanation. This project has been in the works for over 15 years. It officially began pre-production in 2010 with B Roll Shot in 2012. We're pleased to say that production continues and will wrap soon. NOTE: This project was, as were our other projects, on our site before it was hacked, taken down and the verbiage & contents sold to other entities. We have screen shots and evidence of all of our projects and their various stages. We're fighting back against the #CorporateCorruption with major #CorporateCallOut and action to protect the independent film makers & that includes us.

UNTITLED SHORT - Pre Production Phase


A dark comedy featuring impressive cameos.

NOTE:  We always do our best to be SAG signatory if budget allows and we work hard to make good work. We don't appreciate the BS from any of the big studios or tech co's that have taken or tried to take our intellectual property. 

RED Ribbons ™ BTS - Post Prod. Phas


The truth of what was going on behind the scenes while the evolution of the RED Ribbons  Movement, the books, the dances, the films were all taking place. It is a raw and in your face docu-drama that exposes factual truth about how Noelle Rose Andressen, her family, and company: Rubans Rouges Dance & Rubans Rouges overcame intense diversity combating enemies in a "cold war". "We're in the midst of WW3, it's a corporate war of clashing ideology, a fight for dominance in the world & one woman's desire to be able to own her rights to her intellectual property, the right to be free, the right to own her property and her right to live. This will shock everyone!

Beauty From Ashes - Re-Release


A narrative story about a woman losing her ability to dance after illness and facing challenges to regain all the she lost at whatever the cost.

RED Ribbons-Animation - Production Phase


Based on the book series: RED Ribbons , by Noelle Rose Andressen, our company has embarked upon a breathtaking tale that depicts an analogous story of freeing children from bondage with magical RED Ribbons . NOTE: Ms. Andressen is also quite the artist and is also one of the key animators on this project. 

NOTE: RED Ribbons is an official trademark owned by Rubans Rouges, Rubans Rouges Dance & its Executive Board

Rendezvous W.P. - Remake - Pre Production


Another dark comedy in our arsenal of creativity, is a period piece photographed in black and white. It explores the inner workings of a femme fatale when she falls in love for the first time in her life. This remake was originally a (long) film short that evolved into a feature length script. We are so pleased to be able to bring this art piece to the cinema the way we envisioned it initially.

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