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We apologize to you our audience for the momentary pause in our tour. As you know, our company suffered from two catastrophic accidents within 4 weeks of one another. We are on the mend and miracles have occurred. We send you the love and will see you all very soon. Peace & Blessings.

As we embark on a new beginning and further awaken and broaden our mission for the next decade to bring the arts both mainstream and independent, entertainment and experience of RUBANS ROUGES DANCE® to you, we also will be celebrating ten years of you our audience. (We are now at the 11 year mark but as we promised to re-boot Tour 10!)

We have taken many of your suggestions and feedback and have implemented them to create an even stronger experience. Our repertoire has grown and developed substantially as we shape the next level of performance art presentation. We do not use our art to tear down or mock. We use our art to edify and enlighten and perhaps get you to think about some things with a message or wisdom.

We kicked off TOUR 10! In Manhattan, NYC and presented “Awakenings & Beginnings: The Empowered Woman: NYC Special Edition”. Our ensemble then toured the Southwest and presented excerpts of RED RIBBONS™, EMERGENCE, AWAKENINGS, ROSEWOOD, and many more beloved pieces from our repertoire.

Heading northwest, we graced a beautiful cathedral and premiered RED RIBBONS™ In The Cathedral. It’s a stunning performance art piece that we’ve newly added to the RED RIBBONS™ epic saga. It's called "RED RIBBONS™ in the Cathedral". It's a very joyous piece about the triumph in redefining the tragedy to mean something positive.

The remainder of our TOUR 10!  will include international debuts and intimate locations. We look forward to meeting you after the shows. Please do introduce yourselves to us. We always have a “Meet N Greet” post-performance. Ms. Noelle-Rose, often has a book signing as well depending on the venue. Our beautiful dancers are also available for photos and they too have their own special projects and things they like to share.

Please check our schedule below for all updates and be sure to get your tickets sooner than later.

We invite you to “Feel the Experience”™.

"Tour Ten" - Rubans Rouges Dance celebrates their anniversary with a ten city tour countdown. Join us for our celebration of our company, our dancers, the arts, media and dynamic programming throughout the year. It all started with a young woman having just survived breast cancer, a ballet class, a dream and Red Ribbons™.


Kicking off our tour in Manhattan, New York City on September 15, 2018.

Baton Rouge, September 21, 2018

Portland, Las Vegas, Europe
​January 2019: ​San Francisco, Los Angeles and more coming soon!

Awakenings & Beginnings - The Empowered Woman NYC Special Edition

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Please be sure to check back for updated schedule and listing.
Touring Pieces: Red Ribbons™ - various sections from the full 50 minute piece including "Coeur de Verre", "Shattered Innocence", "Storm"; The Silent Rose; art of brokenness; DanceWarrior; Empowered Women; and more. Choreography by Noelle Rose Andressen. Executive Produced by The Board of Rubans Rouges Dance. Produced by Kristopher Kale; Mr. Goldman; various associate producers. Sponsored by: The Andressen Family. Under the auspices of Fractured Atlas.​


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