Noelle Rose breaks her silence
Excerpts of Noelle Rose Andressen-Kale's newest book about her journey surviving two accidents, sustaining severe injuries and her climb back. All text is copyright and previously recorded on video with witness statements, police reports, etc. 

On October 22, 2108 the first accident would occur
"...those were the most frightening moments of my life, not knowing if those around me were alive...after I came to I frantically looked to the left, my beloved dancer was still alive, but then again the next few seconds were terrifying not knowing if Jared was alive or not..." I couldn't turn around to see if he was ok, was he alive? My entire left side was paralyzed-Would I ever dance again?!..." The greatest fear is not knowing if those you love are still with you--if they're still alive.

On November 23, 2018 the second accident would occur
"I heard a large banging, cracking sound, like metal snapping beneath where I was sitting, then the car veered right towards the was like a surreal slow motion scene, I kept repeating 'We're ok - we're ok" "you got this you got this" not knowing if I was telling the truth or not, but I couldn't think of anything else to do but be positive in a life threatening situation. The truth was I didn't know if we were going to be ok. 

I saw what looked like 3 beings/angels-I'm certain they were. Two were on the right side of the hood of the vehicle and one on the left side. There were also three other beings that were very dark and foreboding, not in appearance but in nature and spirit. If I were to draw it it would look like a symbolic tug of war between good and evil, physically pushing and tugging at the vehicle to cause us harm...

We hit the guard rail and the air bags came down like a curtain, like a white, billowing, theater curtain and we were then all in the hands of the Almighty God. No one could see what lay ahead of us. I saw my precious sister in law's head go into the front airbag, I couldn't do anything to reach her or prevent it. I heard glass shatter and whip inside and sting my cheek like tiny razors, (For weeks I still found little glass shards in the shoes I wore or embedded in Jared's socks...) My brother held on tight to the steering wheel, one hand was blown off by sheer force of the airbag but he was not going to let go of the wheel completely as he told us later on. He guided us to safety as the vehicle slowly came to a stop.

Again, the most frightening moments of my life is not knowing if my baby nieces, son, and rest of family were alive. 'Are they alive' 'Are they alive - are we alive' I could hardly breathe. I only saw my brother moving. The cabin filled with what looked like smoke but it was a white powdery dust from the air bags having deployed. 

I reflected how the night before my son and I talked about my vision. I saw us having a car crash however, in the vision the results were much more severe, life was lost and life was never the same for us. I remembered how God told me not to sit where my son ultimately chose to sit, at the time when we were loading up the car for our trip I had not known, my already broken body would not have handled it-a second collision. The Lord told me to wear my neck brace from the first accident, I'm grateful I listened. But perhaps I should've listened further and told everyone about my vision, I still do not know. In the past if I spoke my visions out loud they would not come to fruition, but this time it didn't matter. My son and I just ignored my vision as fear, but it wasn't fear--it was reality..."

"'s going to be a long, arduous climb back to where I was. Months of therapy, sleepless nights, pain when I sit, pain when I walk, pain when I stand, pain when I try to dance. I don't care because I'm going to over come this tragedy with triumph like a I always do." 
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Posted by the Board of Rubans Rouges. All contents, text copyright & owned by Noelle Rose Andressen, Kale Kristopher, (#facebook why won't you let us tag our business pages? Again!) No one may use any portion of these words or create derivative works from them. This includes publicity stunts. This includes you facebook-leave our stuff alone.  #PresidentTrump has warned us about fake news. Sometimes our words were used against our wills for such things and we have evidence of it. We sincerely hope that these things are not purposefully put in her life life so others can glean her intellectual property or see how she reacts then steal that because it seems very suspicious to us that any time something happens to her it is placed upon another person as if it were their true account. #WithoutHerConsent #WithoutMyConsent #StolenVoice #StolenWords #StolenLife
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We are releasing this early because we got wind of it that Mrs. Andressen-Kale's private conversations & excerpts of her intellectual property talking about her new book and the accidents may be used for a publicity stunt for someone else. We did not authorize this. What happened to her and our company members was not a publicity stunt The pattern has been: A real life tragedy happens to Mrs. Andressen-Kale then "coincidentally" something very similar will happen to a celebrity and then before we know it, her words are found in articles or interviews about this celebrity. They will find a celebrity that matches in nature: ie: in this case it may be an accident victim, a Christian believer since there is some spiritual elements to her account. Be on the lookout for frauds or anything similar in the media. Thanks for the heads up! The corporation doesn't even want Mrs. Andressen-Kale to own her own tragedies. They try to overshadow her truth with a fake publicity stunt. They will go to great lengths such as actually trying to re-create a similar scenario, put her words onto the person in the scenario then hide her truth.
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