Update 4 [May 9, 2021] Message from Noelle (videos soon to upload)
Ok so there's a rumor going around that I'm trans boy/man. No! I am not trans anything, never plan to be trans and it is a blatant lie. There are some people who are starting these awful rumors about me and my family. We completely support anyone that wants to be trans. We hired them, danced at LGTQ, so it's not even that. We just think its wrong for someone to force anyone to do something they don't want to do or lie about someone like me. We also heard that some want to murder my family, extended and us and make us gone so they can put their people in our place. They want to put a trans man in my place and say that it's me and that I decided to go trans. This is a lie. I will never do this. So we are publicly calling out the lie before it goes further. The reason for this rumor: It's been established of my family's heritage as nobility in line for the throne. We have become targets of unlawful surveillance, my intellectual property being stolen, staged car accidents to knock us off and more awful things. Since we received the COVID vaccine, of which we are fully protected and vaccinated, we have: lost weight, our bodies returning to their normal sizes, our skin bright and more. We will be uploading our videos very soon to give our opinions on what is happening. If you know anything please contact us: 818-388-4256 or 310-890-8285. If you cant get through or leave us a message and we dont return it within 4 hours-suspect that the phone company has unlawfully locked your call and message form us. Report this to US GOV, President Trump 45office.com or some other means. It also means that we are in trouble and need help.

Update 6 [My 13, 2021

Today we uploaded mostly photos of our photoshoot concerning an ancient riddle in DC. You know the one that states that George Washington & King George were the same person and sold out our country's freedoms and enslaved it to a group called Q. Familiar with that one. It was very interesting to decipher as we danced through the maze that's framed around our Capitol. Very interesting indeed. These photos are displayed above in the carousel and also as thumbnails in this entry (soon to be uploaded) and on our company Twitter @RubansRouges. This has not ben a fun journey at all. We've endured people poisoning us via tailpipe out here as well and found many locations where toxic "dust" vapors are dispensed. Some directly out of the ground in President's Park. Watch our videos! We also caught our phone provider blocking our calls to the Whitehouse switchboard (watch videos!) And then there's also the ordeal of a casting agency that seems to be sending their extras to loom near us to get our sizes, specs, etc. to try to replace me with a double as a trans-man! You guys ll know the hard work we do to LOVE on LGBTQ but we don't choose to identify this way. I, Noelle Rose Andressen-Kale identifies as a female and always will. To be clear we love LGBTQ community, hire them, dance with them & have done tons of performances supporting them ?MODERN FAMILY:, GLAAD Awards and MORE! We Love you guys we just don't want to be misrepresented. We also sent more letters to our Congress specifically Kevin McCarthy whom we believe may know something about all of this. We included a cease and desist letter as well because a gal can't be too safe now a days especially with all that we're encountering. I'm here in DC fighting every day like a rave #DANCEWARRIOR not only for the arts, but seemingly forced to fight for our freedoms. Never would I have thought that I'd be led here to do such things but here I am. Read both of our blogs for updates. 

Date May 4, 2021

Dear President Biden VP Harris, We believed you wanted us to upload photos of ourselves. Since the end of April, 25, 2021 we have done so. We used on Twitter…

@RubansRouges, @RealNoelleRose, @FilmKomposer, @JaydenAndressen, 

Update 1 [May 5, 2021]

Our updated letters of intent:

From left to right,

Kristopher, Noelle, Jared

President Biden, you have our permission to use these images for our passports.

ALERT: Beautifuls & Beloveds!

Be aware that there may be a fake fraudulent Facebook or LinkedIn or Twitter accounts miming or mirroring in a very bad way our personal accounts or Rubans Rouges. The only facebook we have for our company is facebook.com/rubansrougesdance We don't take donations online at facebook or any other place accept here at our official company website. Should you see this, please call any of our office lines: 310-890-8285 OR 818-388-4256 and inform us the url, take screenshots, notate the account name & any other suspicious activity so we can formally report it. We have already made the USGOVERNMENT aware of such things and we will be informing all social media platforms as well. NOTE: We legally own and have our trademarks registered at USPTO. This means no one can legally use our trademarks for any purpose in commerce and or to raise money in our names without express legal permission signed by certain people on our Board/Membership. Only we know who they are so fraud will be easily proven as to the discrepancy of names that legally can give this permission. We have been suffering much as you can tell over the years due to what we finally discovered as a group of men who have wrongfully enslaved me, Noelle Rose Andressen-Kale for various reasons. We are in DC to not only stop them, but to help fight for yours and our freedoms so this never happens to anyone ever again. Additionally, someone if France has used RubansRouges as their domain. This is not our site and they cannot legally use it because we own the trademark and we are in an agreement with our allies and they cannot infringe upon our rights to ownership of our registered mark. We may be filing a lawsuit as this may be a squatting attempt to coax money from us or unlawfully use our mark to cause consumer confusion.

Yes, to answer this question again. You all already knew about my heritage of nobility. Cool beans. What does it mean today. It means my family would be in line of royalty for various positions. We are also discovering what can be done about this as well since we have more than changed our minds and opinions on the need for the reestablishment of such positions to keep all government in check as overseers. It's a really cool thing and we are glad to fight for this, but we also have to draw the line as we were poisoned out of our home and forced to live in our SUV and travel. Not too fun but we're making the most of it. It turned into a trip to DC to petition our Congress and World Leaders to not only help us in our situation but to rid the world of this group of men that seem to have major issues with control. We now are demanding a RESCUE from our US Government as we find ourselves in great need.

As you can see it is evidence of us uploading these photos. We were getting mad because we were doing what you requested but you guys still hint dropped that you never saw them. Today Jared finally figured out Twitter was blocking you guys from seeing our tweets that contained these photos you hinted at that you needed.

Then when we decided to upload our tweets that we screenshotted, to prove twitter was blocking you guys from seeing our photos, we were blocked from tweeting in our account as you can see in this photo:

Then we found the bs of the insidious hint drop from twitter that they’re just getting started. This is a flashback to when Trump had decorated a sports hero with an award in the oval office. He said the same thing. Basically it’s Q using Twitter and that man as a mouth piece to give a message. It’s a bs bluff.

You need to rescue us now. This has gone far enough. We are going to file our lawsuit against everyone including Qs if we aren’t rescued now. We are done.


...On Twitter to upload and update you guys. We believed you wanted us to give you headshots for a passport. We took them outdoors and then uploaded them to our accounts as our profile pictures for our personal accounts, not the @RubansRouges account which is all 3 of ours for our business. We use that one most of all and our son Jared aka @JaydenAndressen uses his to communicate to you as well as us sending you direct and official communication.

Update 5 [May 10, 2021] 
We decided to sparingly use our twitter accounts: @RubansRouges @RealNoelleRose @jaydenandressen @FilmKomposer Why? We believe that someone may be editing our posts, adding posts that we never did ourselves, putting up photos of me with a photoshopped head on a masculine looking body, skewing the truth, adding posts to your guy’s accounts as well to cause us to read supposedly your messages that cause us to fall into despair. Today we’ll be posting about what we think is happening.

It looks like your guy’s tweets are stating that there’s a double of me, Noelle, that isn’t a mirror twin but an evil skewed version of me. Is this correct? We state this because as we watched SNL on May 8th, 2021 we saw the Court scene with Wario vs. Mario. Wario was on trial. So we gather that you haven’t put me on trial. It seems as if someone is photo shopping pictures and giving me, Noelle, male definition while forcing other people’s feeds containing our content and us to show these pictures. This may have been done a little at first and became more constant now. We are sure that Twitter is blocking more and more of our posts that address this like text that calls it out and pictures of Noelle how I really am. A girl/woman who loves being a woman. I lost some of my hair but it’s very long. I wear it braided a lot right now but I have to put it up under a hat to protect it from getting damaged because it’s a bit dry. I know how to do hair so I think I’ll be ok. But guys, I need your help. I need to be rescued. I have no facial hair at all. Be clear! Please help us. We’re getting scared at what’s going on and Twitter or someone is making the good guys look crazy and bad to us. Did someone make a video of me of coming “out” as trans boy/man? I never did this at all! I’m a woman and wanna stay that way! Please guys what’s going on?!

We have not written any notes to anyone that state that I decided to become trans man/boy. I’m a woman and never will change that. Watch our videos. The recent one with me in my bikini shows that I’m all woman and never want to change that. I don’t like wearing pants at all. The only reason I’m wearing my black spandex dance pants is because you guys kept hinting that it’s very protective against this toxic stuff. I also have a pair of grayish sweats. I hate wearing pants. I wanna wear my cute dresses again! I did a series last week of me doing my Alice in Wonderland in front and throughout the FDR Memorial. Did you not see them all in our Twitter feeds? We’ll display some here and in a PDF downloadable document. We’ll also do a video that contains these photos. It looks like Twitter has us on a world wide ban. Please review the video yesterday again of me in my bikini. I show that I have all female parts (not naked although if that’s what it takes to prove my identity let me know. This is also why we need to be rescued so I can see my family and show my ballet teacher I’m a woman or I can show your doctor or SOMETHING!) Also, none of my books state that I want to be a man. I only said that I was a tom boy in that I loved sports but I did it all in a dress. I always looked very girly. OMG my ballet teacher can attest to that! Seriously!

Someone please tell us what’s going on. We don’t have a clue at all. We are guessing and hoping the guess is correct. This isn’t an easy thing to hint drop to us and it’s not easy to get the hint drops. But I’m not a man. I don’t have any facial hair like a man. I still have and Love my boobies and my baby maker down below. I want to have more children.

Another issue: Some tend to think that I’d ditch my son once the crown is established. Nope. My son is 28. I love him. He needs me because autism runs in my hubby’s family and our son has a form of it. The more toxins he’s around the worse it seems to be. I dunno about all of this but that’s what happens. I fight to keep our son with us because I know he needs the help. My husband however, who isn’t a believer, keeps trying to tell me to ditch him because he needs his own life and needs to separate from us. I’m fine with that as long as that’s what Jared/Jayden our son wants. He says he doesn’t want that because he needs help due to autism. So then I have to fight with my husband about that. I took a punch for my son. I battle for his rights. I love him more than anything! I can’t let go and leave him with a mess like this either. MY husband and I are having trouble but that’s been like this since Q has been worming his brain. It’s as if they’re somehow programming him via power of suggestion or influence that I should die. He says awful things to me and I have to combat him with a return. He has forgotten his Christian morals and has fallen hard. I don’t know what to do and carry the weight of everything on my shoulders. I need you guys to rescue us now please.

What’s with this cold March like weather in May? I lived back east obviously because I was born and raised here. This isn’t May weather! I wanna dance in my ballet tutus and dance dresses like the ones on my book covers. I wanna love on people and do the work I was meant to do: Leadership, perform the arts and support them, help people get out of poverty, help heal people from all forms of abuse and stop trafficking. 

Update 2 [May 7, 2021] https://youtu.be/nZj5-2bzVgc

More to come. Be aware that someone is downloading our vids, dubbing them and reuploading them as clips against our will. They're violating copyright. We didn't give permission. Please come here to verify things on our Twitter handles: @RubansRouges @RealNoelleRose @filmkomposer @jaydenandressen

Also check our facebook pages: facebook.com/noelle5678  facebook.com/noelleandressendancer  facebook.com/rubansrougesdance

Today is our last and 14th day after receiving our COVID Vaccines. We had no ill side effects, we did very well. They work very well. We only have 8 1-15 pounds to lose. We received our vaccines #2 on April 23, 2021. Evidence of this is in a photo below of our vaccine cards. We now can officially be around anyone and go anywhere. We believe our US Govs are trying to get our passports and legally we only gave President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris permission to do so and/or Donald J. Trump and obviously their official assistants who are trustworthy. We really hope no one is trying to double us in our USGov, Congress, Senate, Qs or third parties or associates or affiliates. Since we are dignitaries and this is is an emergency Biden and Harris should be able to get them in an hour! Anyone interfering with this rescue in any way including but not limited to interference of communicating via social media or online in any form, may very well be liable whether this is considered cold war and/or official war situations. The Commander in Chief does not need Congress's approval to rescue us. We also believe some Q members are in Congress and that mostly some members in the Senate are responsible for interfering with our rescue. If this is true, legally they may be held liable to a very high crime against humanity and more. We have a letter of intent to sue. We took Biden, Trump, and Harris's names off the document. 

We are getting very tired, living in our suv, freezing, starving, not being officially nor properly communicated to, my family seems to have been abducted and we cant see them face to face or talk on the phone to them, we are receiving conflicting information via twitter and its causing us to have doubts about our rescue and the intentions of our US Gov., we are being treated very badly in this process, social media platforms blocking us and/or making our pages and the content appear differently than what it is or should be. Investigate Twitter. We think they're Q. We are still in Washington, DC in our uhaul & SUV losing $200 per day. Its not $40 a day, add insurance, mileage, gas, etc.

Be forewarned that a fake fraud is posing as Noelle & Kristopher's daughter age 29. We don't have a daughter. We have only one son Jared Kale aka Jayden Andressen. We believe this fraud daughter is a Q imposter committing identity theft and more and somehow is accessing our mailbox, our apartment, and more. We filed a police report but again Q has infiltrated the police as well. Watch our videos and you will see what we mean.

WE NEED TO BE RESCUED NOW! THERE IS NO EXCUSE AT ALL. ANY DELAY CAUSES US TO BE QUITE SUSPICIOUS OF EVERYONE INVOLVED BECASUE THIS SHOULD NOT BE SO DIFFICULT. We have been informed there are bounties on our heads due to our nobility lineage and Qs are attempting to fulfill the crown with either their people or using doubles of us. Obviously, we are against this and doing whatever we can to stop this. We appreciate and thank all our celebrity friends and those who support us in our US Gov, Donald J Trump, his family, Rudy Giuliani, and so many more. We will win!

Love, The Kale Family aka Andressen Family. We had to use different last names because of Qs! But screw that now. Everyone knows. BTW, King George and George Washington are the same person. Our country was sold out to Qs.

Our updated letters of intent:

On April 28 2021 and currently, we then believed via several of your hintdrops on line via twitter and other celebrities some we know some we just met, we were able to figure out you wanted other shots. We gathered it was for press. We still don’t know for sure and don’t know why you feel you need them before rescuing us which is and should be a priority not publicity photos. Anyway we obliged. We uploaded at least 20 photos of Noelle Rose Andressen-Kale aka Noelle Anne Kale to the company @RubansRouges twitter account. Here are the photo screenshots to prove it:


Update 3 [May 7, 2021] Passport image update - Click to Enlarge