A Message In Solidarity From The Board of Rubans Rouges Dance

We as a company have several rules of thumb that we follow. These are our Company Policies or as we like to call them: Items of Integrity. If you do NOT show integrity, we do NOT want to associate with you. If you show integrity, we will move the moon for you. Should you NOT be able to show integrity, consider our relationship on hiatus until you can prove to ALL of Us that you have changed for the better.

Respect From All

We do NOT tolerate disrespect of any form. We consider the following disrespectful and unprofessional: petty games; undermining our business; stealing quotes from our guests and applying them to your company; stealing contacts; purposefully having a reviewer give a bad review; bribery; throwing one's weight around; breaking into our social media and/or email accounts; surveillance of any kind; sharing our company's confidential and private information; leveraging against us and our contacts; out-casting us from our own contacts; courting our dancers when they're under contract and/or have signed a Non Disclosure Form; attempting to spy; attempting to send others in our company to spy; disrupting our business; keeping our business from conducting business; interference with out business; interfering with our Director Miss Andressen from doing her business; out casting or blacklisting anyone in our company including Miss Andressen; hazing; treating our Director Miss Andressen with contempt, disrespect, mocking her, abuse of any form, stealing her work and regurgitating in front of her and/or Us, not respecting her over 30 years of dance experience and/or other professional experience, competing with her, being snide, scolding her in public (Yes, We the Board were present when this happened. Miss Andressen was yelled at in public because the light board was an old model and our dancers wouldn't be quiet. There was a much better way to handle this and it was petty and done unprofessionally in each case.). Since these incidents We have coached Miss Andressen and she has our full support in holding you to proper and professional account for your unprofessional behavior. Most of this "should" go without saying as it is a "given" in the realm of professionalism and respect, However, We have found that We DO NEED TO SAY THESE THINGS. Shall We go on, or, do you get our point.

Ask Permission & Give Credit
We do NOT post anything without getting permission first and we give credit as agreed upon with the artist, writer, producer, etc. Asking Permission and Giving Credit is an old journalism code that Miss Andressen learned when she first started writing as a youth and student of journalism. She has made many videos about this topic and shared it on her personal but public social media page and blogs. Not only is the copyright material, but it is something We, as The Board of Rubans Rouges Dance, agrees with in solidarity. Not only do we "ask & give" we except others to do the same or be met with possible legal consequences. We expect you to be professional and ask us permission before you share our intellectual property, quote us or Miss Andressen, and definitely give us credit.

We do NOT condone having our property "verbatim" in other's works including but not limited to: speeches, other's videos, interviews, celebrity publicity, on billboards, in other's books, etc. We also do NOT tolerate regurgitation of Miss Andressen's in front of Miss Andressen or Us. (Yes, our witnesses are always with her and sometimes it was Us The Board with her and We have documented each time an infringement occurred. Please see below for more details.) We ALL remember her videos and her mind is like a steal trap and doesn't forget anything contrary to what she said in her video about her "memory being shot". It's not any longer, especially when all we have to do is hit "search" and voila, we find our plaigerized work. Inspiration is one thing, and theft is another. What we are talking about is theft blatantly. If you steal from her work you are stealing from Us the Board of Rubans Rouges Dance who is co-owner of all her copyright work(s), intellectual property, and anything published on social media platforms. This is clearly stated on all our social media just in case it is unclear. This is one of many tangible forms that our work is published. Also, if any work was previously published on a social media platform and it is either no longer there, or you just don't know where to find it, it is still protected under copyright law and we have complete registered documentation, time/date stamped videos with proof of origination and creation.

Words to the Wise:

For example: Let's say you are a "talent" that will be undergoing "coaching" or "training" for an interview. Please do your research to make sure the material you are given to answer interview questions is actually not stolen material or material that a company bought via third parties. It may not be original work and it may belong to Us or someone else. Be Wise! Be Aware that Miss Andressen is NOT alone. Be Aware that she does NOT "do" her social media. It is done by either The Board and/or a Management Company who are very savvy to what is published online, on TV and in periodicals.

Remember: People do NOT steal garbage.

Publicists, content providers, marketing executives, producers, etc. also please do check the origination of all materials. Make sure everyone is coming up with original work(s) on their own and not trolling our (or other's) social media for ideas, concepts, dialog, etc. Miss Andressen, our Director, is an Emmy nominated writer. She is brilliant. She gets paid to create ideas, concepts, dialog, slogans etc. She does NOT GHOST WRITE or GHOST CREATE anything. 

NOTICE: We have NOT sold any of our work(s) or Miss Andressen's work(s) and/or intellectual property and/or videos on social media platforms and/or posts (yes, we have these published and registered too). Should "Anyone" gain these said work(s) it was without our permission and/or without us getting compensated for and/or without us getting credit for. Other professionals like US get paid for their services, creating concepts & ideas, and so should WE especially Miss Andressen. We expect FULL COMPENSATION for all our work(s). We are keeping track.