Noelle Andressen, President
Founder of the Dance Club (2008)

Noelle believes that leadership is a privilege not an entitlement. "It's a lot of hard work." That work will be reflected in the outcome: The garden will reflect the gardener and vise-versa. Her goal is to lead with strength and compassion while doing her best to help others realize their beauty and strength within. She thanks God for the honor to dance and bring joy and thought into people's lives...and for His grace in sparing hers. (Breast cancer survivor.)

In the beginning, she considered Dance Club a test-drive wondering if there would be enough support to have a club of this nature. She started the Dance Club as an unofficial club on campus in 2008 (she did not inherit the club from another President/Presidency) by performing either by herself or with another dancer at various club events until interest grew. As word got out and curiosity grew, a board was formed until they became officially chartered by ASU in the Fall of 2010.

"Don't give up--no matter what the odds are...the day you decide to give up could be the day of a breakthrough." Graciously giving thanks to all her mentors at her various places of dance study. "You will always have a special place in my heart. Also thank you for TAE and Dr. Zucker who throughout the years always supported my dancing."

Early Childhood Education - Riverside
AA Fine Arts Dance - Moorpark College
BFA Fine Arts Film - UNLV
MFA Dance - in process

Other Cool Info:
Dance Company: Rubans Rouges Dance Company
Dance Instructor at various professional schools.
Danced on award shows like g.l.a.a.d. Awards & ABC's "Modern Family". Emmy nominated filmmaker: writing, producing, score/music composition. Her dancing & choreography were considered for Emmy noms. Supports the Arts in Education. Official Dance Instructor for Thrill the World LA. Trains & Teaches kids Aikido. Co-produced & created Moorpark College's "Undressed" Summer Dance Concert in 2008. Danced in Deda Dance Theatre-Dance Company. Flash Mob America: dance instructor and graphic designer. Helped get the Safe Haven Law (moms in crisis pregnancies can anonymously & safely lay their unwanted babies in the hands of proper officials) in NV on the ballot; it's now law. Volunteers, raises awareness and funds for child abuse prevention & breast cancer research.
Producer of Anti-bullying Campaign PSA's.

Club Member & Supporter Of:
TAE (since 2008), Active Club, Eco Advocates, Sociology Experiment

Proud Donor to LAVC Dance Program.

Blue, pizza, modern dance, chocolate covered strawberries, white wine, holding babies, teaching kids, rain dancing, cuddling with my baby: The VeePer-LOL!

Kristopher Kale, VP
BFA Fine Arts Film - UNLV
Law (copyright, trademark) & Business/Accounting (MBA in progress), Constitutional Law, Human & Workman's Rights
Seminary School

Other Cool Info:
Emmy nominated filmmaker: writing, producing, score/music composition.

Philosophy, advocacy, theology

Thank you LAVC ASU for your support
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Joanne Zuniga, Secretary & Recipient of the
Marie Antinette Scholarship

Van Nuys High School
L.A. Pierce College
L.A. Valley College

food, sushi, dance, knitting, jamba juice, and Robecks


Jay Kale, ICC Rep

Jay has learned a lot by "falling down". The one thing impressed upon him from his Aikido Sensei is that the lessons in life are best learned by failing in order to produce an eventual success. When he tested for his first Aikido belt he learned that sometimes you just have to roll with it and do the best you can with what you've been given.

His strength and role model is his mother. "She just never gives up! Cancer, sickness, difficult situations; none of it keeps her from her goals...I do not know how she's done it all these years but her inner strength is found in God. She loves deeply and very few have that quality these days."

His greatest goal is to find his soul mate and raise a family. "I'm not very interested in fame or fortune. I want to build integral people not an empire of materialism."

Lighthouse Christian Academy
Aikido, Porter Ranch

Other Cool Info:
Aikido Instructor, filmmaker (started as a camera operator at 5), Anime artist, crazy drumming "syncopat-er ", student of government & law. Animal & children's rights promoter. 

Club Member Of:
TAE and Anime Club

Pizza, Aikido, Graphic Design, Anime, Video Games

Joshua Pirro, Treasurer & Historian

Education: LAVC graduate, currently attending CSUN
Other Cool Info:

Dale Beck, Web and Graphics Designer

Education: B.S. UCSD
Experience: Spelling Entertainment, Media Corp., SYnapse Design, Wizardry Applications, Integrity on Line

Taryn Shaunessey, Publicist

Education: A.A. Media Relations, MBA
Experience: DKNY, ModSquad, Publicity Blitz

"Teague", Booking Agent

Education: AA Liberal Arts
Experience: Audiences Unlimited, Perelman & Associates