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Valley Dance Club
Home of Valley Dance Club Ensemble Performance based college dance club

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Status: AAA
Club Meeting Time: Mondays 3:30-4:30
Location: Field House
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In order to vote, participate, have your voice heard, these fees are mandatory.
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Also complete: Dance Club Application (see below) 

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DANCE CLUB APPLICATION (download-print-bring)

Meeting Minutes:

Marie Antinette Dance Scholarship

Scholarship Information/Eligibility

Scholarship Application

Member Points

Club's Agenda & Mission Statement: To show that anyone can dance no matter what their background is. To bring joy to the community on and off campus by performing at events with a Dance Ensemble. To work with ASU and promote within all the campus clubs a non-competitive environment that's supportive, helpful and enjoyable. 

What We Do During Meetings: Not only do we do the obvious: DANCE, but we also do other administrative things which are fun and you can help be a part of it. We have special events, guest choreographers, discuss club business, plan Club Days & Events, rehearsal for Club Days, Dance Club Ensemble rehearsal, Master Classes, community service on/off campus, field trips, and have a lot of fun. 

Dance Forms: We do all forms of dance including but not limited to: Jazz, Ballet, Hip Hop, Modern, Contemporary, Cultural & Ethnic, Liturgical, Lyrical

Fundraising: We try to have multiple-streams of income. One of those ways is by having food fundraisers bi-weekly. There are many wonderful restaurants and fast food chains that want to help organizations like ours. If you have an idea or suggestion for a fundraiser, please come to our meeting and pitch it. 15% of what we raise goes to the Valley Dance Program.

Scholarships: The President & VP of Dance Club is in the process of setting up a scholarship: "Marie Antinette Dance Scholarship". More details coming soon.

Special Thank Yous to: Dr. Sue Carleo, LAVC President for your open door and compassion. Thank you for helping us problem solve and guiding us to promote student life.
Shawn Besharaty, TAE President & Rico, TAE VP for always being role models & supporting us and the other clubs by bringing us together & unifying a community. Elizabeth Ortiz, ASU Advisor for helping things run smoothly and ready with a listening ear to problem solve; your hard work is seen and appreciated. All the LAVC ASU Clubs who have welcomed us with open arms. We've loved performing for you & your events! Norvan & Eduard, the President & VP of ASU for always being receptive, courteous, generous & awesome leaders in every way. Johnnica Hababag, ASU ICC Rep for guiding us with the many questions we've had. The ASU Board & Commissioners: Lester, Ashley, Bryan, Brandon, Suzy, Javi. Dance faculty: Liz Casebolt, Geordie Wright, Carla Lubow & Kiha Lee. Thank you for inviting us to perform in the 2011 Fall Showcase. 

Historical Documented Information:
Spring 2008 Dance Club - started by Noelle, not inherited by a previous dance club, it was from scratch, brick by brick. TAE greatly supported her efforts.
Fall 2008 Dance Club gained members
Spring 2010 Dance Club formed Executive Board
Fall 2010 Dance Club became chartered as an official ASU club

Previous advisors: Dr. Bill Wallis, Liz Casebolt, Bernie, Frankie Gracia, Klyda Mahoney.