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Red Ribbons™ & Red Ribbons outReach EVENT WORKSHOP (to be done either in the summer as “camp”, or as a school program or a combined adult & children’s workshop that builds up to a closing performance)
​The event focuses on women's wellness, children's safety, self-esteem, feminism, artistic expression, healthy relationships, respect and being strong to stand up to all kinds of bullying/abuse whether it's sexual, physical, psychological, outcasting, etc. An all-day event with different facets to it centering around "Speaking Up" and to not let anyone harm them or others. 

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1. 1-2:30p In the early afternoon: Have a free Community OutReach movement workshop to help promote psychological wellness for pre-teen and teen kids and teach them how they should be treated. Teach them to speak up if anyone harms them or others. Teach them some choreography to perform a pre-show dance piece "Speak Up!" We give them red ribbons upon completing class to remind them to "Speak Up!" and never let anyone harm them or others. Parents are encouraged to watch and co-partner.

2. 2:30-4p Mid-afternoon: a free adult dance-wellness class promoting themes of safety, respect, healthy partnering and respecting one another's body and space. What is proper and professional behavior when dancing solo or partnering and how to work with a new dance partner. How to detect sexual assault and what to do if this happens. We give them red ribbons upon completing class as a reminder of a promise to speak up if they feel they've been violated.

3. 5p-6:30p A pre-show reception & gala. Book signing of RED RIBBONS book. Screen our docu-drama film about child abuse, abandonment & awareness "Baby Doe's Heartbeat". We received Emmy nominations for this film. We own the rights to screen the edited version. It's about 30 mins.

4. 6:45p The pre-teen and teen kids from the workshop perform their "Speak Up!" dance.

5. 7p-8p An early evening performance of RED RIBBONS. This performance is about a woman's journey and struggle as she uncovers the mystery of her past abuse she suffered as a child and how she conquers it as an adult. Warning: We are very clear about what type of abuse we share about: sexual, physical, emotional. We take great care to present this performance in a very tasteful and yet appropriate way for all ages 10 and over. If your child is younger than that age, we strongly suggest having a pre-show discussion with them and definitely being present throughout the program and performance. When we do this particular performance for this outreach: Red Ribbons outReach, it is a gentler presentation than our standard: Red Ribbons performance in which we present it completely uncensored. We welcome people of all ages to attend any of our performances and any versions of our performances, however, we do take good care to present the truth and facts so that no one is surprised by the presentations of either version. 

This a program developed by Noelle Rose Andressen & Shirley Gitlin for Rubans Rouges Dance. Copyright 2011. All rights reserved. No portion of this program may be used without express written permission by the owners. Copyright Notice: Red RIbbons, Red Ribbons Dance, Rubans Rouges, and Rubans Rouges Dance are all trademarks of the Executive Board of Rubans Rouges. All rights reserved.

"Red Ribbons™ & Red Ribbons outReach" TM official trademark - An Outreach Helping Prevent Child Abuse & Bullying. Also a wellness program for adults.

Rubans Rouges Dance is a strong advocate for children's & women's rights and helping to prevent child abuse in all forms including but not limited to: sexual abuse, child molestation, physical abuse, mental and emotional manipulation and harm. Abuse can happen to ALL people not only the females in our world. This program makes no separation or distinction from the sexes or orientations. This program is for everyone. However, since Ms. Andressen herself was molested as a child, she speaks from her viewpoint and shares her story as a woman having been sexually abuse and raped. Every year the ensemble donates their time to perform for various charities to help raise awareness and/or funds such as: One Circle, Red Ribbons & Memories, . Download & READ The RED RIBBONS STORY. Copyright 2008 all rights reserved, you may not claim any portion as your own, you must keep all copyright notices intact. You may share this story but not sell this story. You may not post this story on social media. Red Ribbons™ outReach™ - an abuse awareness program sponsored by Red Ribbons, Red Ribbons Dance & Rubans Rouges Dance, and the Executive Board of Rubans Rouges to empower abuse victims, raise awareness about child abuse: sexual, physical, emotional, psychological and neglect through the power and artistry of dance.Our Red Ribbons outReach program is a copyright program crafted by Noelle Rose Andressen & Shirley Gitlin copyright 2011. While we use multi-media and arts to disseminate hope about recovery after being sexually abused or any form of abuse.