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​​​​Executive Board - Updated & Restructured with all new member designations

We congratulate Mrs. Noelle Rose Andressen-Kale for being elevated to Vice President of Rubans Rouges. 

CEO/President Executive Managing Director
Kristopher Kale, a Native American of the Chickasaw, Choctaw, and Cherokee tribes, has been composing music for over 40 years. In 2004 he received a region Emmy nomination for his original score for "Baby Doe's Heartbeat". In earlier years, he and his wife Miss Andressen, had a band Amoureux Music which skillfully merged orchestrations and rock. He is also an accomplished film maker receiving Emmy nominations for his production including cinematography, as a producer, and composer. He received his BFA at UNLV and also has extensive experience as a business entrepreneur. He currently works as a paralegal, accountant, business consulting, and as Rubans Rouges Dance's principle composer. He currently acts as the Executive Managing Director for Rubans Rouges Dance on the Executive Board and serves on various grant panels.

Please view the MUSICpage for samples of his work.

Vice President, Artistic Director, Resident Choreographer, Principle Dancer (Photo Associated Press Richard Vogel)
Noelle Rose Andressen-Kale
​, a no-nonsense leader that serves with many capacities within our company, Mrs. Andressen-Kale has newly stepped into this position and has already made vast improvements with the company. We also must state that NO she is not stepping down incrementally from being Artistic Director or Principle Dancer. She is broadening her scope and returning to one of her original positions as she was the one who formed and started this company single handed. Developer of many of the Rubans Rouges brands.

Please view her Artistic Director & Dancer Page ​for credits and achievements.

CFO, Assistant Managing Director, Assistant Choreographer, Stage Manager

Jay Kenneth, born and raised in Las Vegas, is an accomplished technician for the arts in film and dance production. He’s worked as a Stage Manager for “Awakenings & Beginnings Dance Festival” at Diavolo Space, a camera man for World Choreographer Awards, Sound Technician for various dance concerts at The Miles Memorial Playhouse, Diavolo Space, ARC in Pasadena, and a stage hand for Dance Expo 2012-2013. His videography credits across the arts include: ADaPT Fest, dozens of independent film projects and music concerts. His film credits include the Emmy nominated docu-drama “Baby Doe’s Heartbeat”, which earned him an EMA Media Award nomination for his sound mixing. He has mixed sound for other independent films such as “ENTROPY, Without Him” that played at major film festivals including Idylwild Cinefest, and Balinale Film Festival as official selections. He has interned at various Pharmaceutical companies and labs in which his main focus of study is compounding pharmaceuticals, is a licensed pharmacy technician, and is furthering his studies to become a Pharmacist and work as a chemist to find a cure for cancer. .. and thus of course we found out he was blacklisted from this community because his mother received a natural treatment for cancer, so he is filing charges.

Secretary, Community Outreach
Carolyn Baaker, 
has a strong background in community and charity work for non-profits. Her assistance to our company has been primarily in outreach and inter community workings. A Native mid-westerner with traditional values and deep appreciation for culture and diversity.

Other Board Members & Honorary Board Members: Paul Farrel; Diane Farrel; Anne Gitlin; Lena Lamparello; Frank Cutrona
We are also not disclosing all our Board Members on this site because of the corporation attempting to pacify former Board Members, stalking us and Mrs. Andressen-Kale. Recently, Rubans Rouges has had a change of mind and heart. We, the Executive Board of our company saw that certain members of our Board were receiving benefits and favors from some corporation(s) indirectly. We also had names listed on the Board roster that haven't served in a while and thus have absolutely no influence on the direction of our company. We had left their names in our literature to see if the corporation stalking Mrs. Andressen-Kale (and apparently a college as well) would attempt to reach out to them and give gifts. Sure enough they did and also treated them with favor while pushing Mrs. Andressen-Kale down. This is a tactic in corporate warfare of which we do not condone and we are filing charges against anyone involved. We guarantee you that any poor behavior towards Mrs. Andressen-Kale will not only result in charges filed against anyone causing any form of obstruction or harm to her, but also rest assured that we have video recordings of all things concerning her for her protection and proper documentation. During our re-structuring we've returned to some original members and some honorary members as this is where the power and influence of any company truly resides. Carol Butler is not on our Executive Board.