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Ms. Andressen's work as a dancer-choreographer, dance concert producer & presenter, fashion designer, costumer, interior designer, editor & author, film producer-writer-director, and music composer can be seen in these periodicals. Click on images for additional details.

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Emmy & EMA Media Awards

Ms Andressen & Mr Kale have many multi-talents. They are esteemed independent TV & Film makers. Their artistry and skills received Emmy nominations for their roles as: producers, writers, music composers, music arrangers, cinematography. They won an EMA Media Award for their producing skills and had several other projects nominated within that same TV season.

​​Terani Couture

Thank YOU! Terani Couture for your gorgeous designs for the Lois Greenfield photoshoot!


​A message from the Rubans Rouges Dance Board
Thank you to you and your amazing staff for an incredible artistic venture. Your photography is ART! It touches the heart and reaches people. We appreciate all you've done for Ms. Andressen and our company. The two of you ladies harmonized well, in looking at the photos, and created powerful images that speak when words fail. Thank You, Ms. Greenfield! Ms. Andressen, we are proud of you and your display of bravery sharing your soul. You are the heart of the company and we appreciate your artistry. "A true Dance Warrior®."


Noelle Andressen is featured as a dancer (Cancer to Dancer) in the collage of heart touching stories and soul baring photos by many strong and relevant women. "There is so much beauty in the world, we sometimes tend to overlook it because it can be found in the subtleties of life. One of these subtleties is a wonderful photo book called "UNbound" by Tomiko Fraser Hines, former Maybelline model, amazing actress and motivational speaker. Photographed by: Natiya Guin. Tomiko is one of my dear friends and I love her to pieces! She truly helped me find my UNbound beauty. Both Tomiko & Natiya are incredible artists to work with & aim at bringing out the inner beauty in others."