This page is solely dedicated to the incredible artists that are a part of this year's "Awakenings & Beginnings International Dance Festival 2018". Please show your support and read about them, visit their sites, support their work, and show them love. They have brought this festival to total over 100 companies to date that have performed in our festival that celebrates the artists and arts. Our theme this year: "BLOOM!" (All the artists had their own interpretation - "There is no wrong answer, only good art." Noelle Rose Andressen copyright 1989-2018 excerpted "From Cancer to Dancer" book series.)

Many things have happened in our society this past year and as life reflects art and art reflects life, we have been able to incorporate a myriad of meanings of the word "Truth" for this year's festival. We have strong, all women ensembles that help celebrate the women's march downtown this year. That makes our festival a great way to continue in the celebration all day and night long. After you march, come "dance with us" as you'll surely feel like you're part of the performance in this artistic and intimate space that DIAVOLO Space is. We have daring modern dance and expressive movement pieces; percussive and passionate art-works; our men are engaging and bring messages of hope, intensity, and community; and amazing athleticism that will please. As a joint venture Djanbazian Dance Company & Rubans Rouges Dance present an honorary presentation to remember the beautiful life of Anna Djanbazian, friend, mentor, celebrated artist the was the Artistic Director for Djanbazian Dance Company (Over 75 years of tradition and artistry!). There is something special for everyone to enjoy.

"...Come see artistry birth forth..."
slogan-mark/trademark owned by the Rubans Rouges Dance Executive Board and the Andressen Estate

STAY TUNED FOR NEW & UPDATED INFORMATION ABOUT 2019 & BEYOND! Thank you Dancers, Artists, and Choreographers - We LOVE You!