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DanceWarrior® Studio & Classes/Workshops
DanceWarrior® is a copyright dance and movement curriculum for all ages, that toddlers through the senior citizen age can enjoy and develop skills. Each level of training is age appropriate & can be customized to suit your needs whether you're strengthening your body or a professional dancer wanting to further your education. Each class teaches movement, music theory, and meditative philosophical lessons to bring into your life to help you be a DanceWarrior®. We give an estimate of age appropriateness for each class grouping. Please be aware that some children show more aptitude in specific areas than others and may be placed in a class below or above the recommended age groupings. We discuss with the parent(s) and assess to make the best decision for the child.

We Warriors Level I (18 months-2/2.5 yrs of age must be accompanied by parent)
A great way to introduce basic motor coordination with music.

Wee Warriors Level II (2.5-3.5 yrs of age must be accompanied by parent)
A slightly more advanced curriculum that further develops eye hand coordination with music syncopation.

Mini Warriors (3.5/4-5 years of age)

This movement and coordination class gives the child an opportunity to use creativity, music, movement, props, and beginning dance steps.

Little Warriors (5-6 years of age) Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Hip Hop

Youth Warriors (7-9 years of age)
Jr. Warriors (10-pre-teens)

Sr. Warriors (13-17 years of age)

A more structured class environment that samples each of the four techniques.

We have two new levels of DanceWarrior® classes for you including: Restoration Class perfect for those who are healing their bodies after a physically tasking period in their lives or those who need to deeply relax their muscles. We focus on alignment and stabilization techniques. Perfect for the older DanceWarrior®

For our regular technique classes, please see our Technique Class page. We also have Beginning Horton technique classes listed under the designation as well.