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​​​​​Noelle Rose Andressen - Professional dancer, choreographer, dance educator, special events producer-presenter, show curator, actress (SAG-AFTRA), musician, composer, cancer survivor, author, human rights advocate (especially for abused children), screen writer, film producer, singer, performer, speaker and arts adviser. She has had the privilege of being photographed by the world, legendary dance photographer: Lois Greenfield (2016 photos to be released soon). Read Ms Andressen's Dancer BIO here

Ms Andressen has danced for over 25 years and choreographed for about as long. Being  a native from NJ and having lived in NYC, Vegas, and LA she was able to gain great experience and knowledge from many other artists and those that came before her who graciously passed on their expertise to her. She first enjoyed a pre-pro dance career in a teen dance ensemble that toured Southern California and went on to professional musical theater and concert dance. The very first professional stage she was on while still a teen, was at the Bob Hope McCallum Theatre in Palm Desert where she met her future husband and began their careers in musical theater.

Her first professional choreographic work was seen nationally on TLN in 2000 and was nominated for several awards including EMA Media Award and deemed "thought provoking...and compelling" by the EMA Panel. LIVE from Las Vegas featured her choreographic work in two episodes during the 2002 season and was asked to return several times as a performer.

With an AA in Dance focusing on performance, technique and choreography and being a Graduate of Fine Arts from the University of Nevada Las Vegas; she's currently pursuing her MFA in dance arts & choreography. She's studied Horton and Graham techniques and also trained at Alvin Ailey NYC. Her personal teaching background delves into the art of dance as a means of expression and refining technique. She has taught intermediate & company ballet, tap, hip-hop, modern, contemporary ballet, contemporary, and jazz for all ages at Star Dance and dozens more in Southern California and Nevada. She also teaches the art of dance at other dance academies across the country. She also teaches workshops in basic Horton technique.

2005 was met with devastating news: she had breast cancer. The "Dance Warrior" within rose up an conquered that disease. Having sold their Vegas home to pay for treatment, she and her husband migrated back to Los Angeles. With nothing to lose since everything was lost except her life, she started back at her beginning: ballet. She chose a quaint studio nestled in the quietness of a valley to rehabilitate herself from square one and would find the most unlikeliest helpmate in a beautiful stranger.  "...broken body, broken heart, broken spirit..." Ms Andressen completely re-made herself as a dancer with a new perspective on life since her life was threatened by a ruthless disease. Please read the rest in her "Dance Warrior" from Cancer to Dancer book in the "Dance Warrior" Book Series in which she share intimately how she put her life back together after losing everything.

In 2009 she merged dance and her Emmy nominated film-making to form professional, multi-media dance company: Rubans Rouges Dance that expresses dance art through cinema, stage and various mediums. Mostly seeing herself as a dancer that expresses herself through movement; she shares healing messages of understanding and compassion through her company's mission. Not necessarily defining herself as a choreographer alone, but a story-teller & dancer that uses her life's history as a source of material to give others HOPE. Not only does she "write what she knows", but also dances what she has lived through. "How else can I reach people unless I've been there myself. My quest is not one seeking riches and fame, but to touch hearts and share the sublime nature of love. Ultimately, my dance company was formed from a seed of deep LOVE."

​She's had the privilege performing and/or presenting her choreography in some of the most prestigious dance festivals in the country and on TV & film including: So Cal Dance Invitational; TriArts Fest; LA Dance Festival; Lula Washington’s Dance Festival; Spector Dance Choreographer’s Showcase; LA Dance Festival; ABC's Modern Family; g.l.a.a.d. Awards; Deda Dance Theatre; TLN cable-network; Cam Group; Mix Match Dance Festival; ADaPT Festival NYC & St. Barbara; IGNITE San Diego; Friends & Family Dance Festival, Dance In The Desert Festival, NECTAR, HHII Dance Festival & more. She has toured internationally and presented work for Center Stage Theatre, Miles Playhouse, Nevada Ballet Theatre's Performing Arts Center in Vegas, Moorpark Performing Arts Center, Pierce Performing Arts Center and various venues in NYC & Brooklyn. FlashMob America.  The BaliNale Film Festival & Idyllwild CineFest officially presented her choreographic work and performance in "ENTROPY" as an official selection on the big screen. The City of Santa Monica Cultural Affairs granted her application two years in a row to have her self-produced "SUMMER SERIES", Company Repertoire Show & "MOSAIC" presented at The Miles Memorial. The LA Dept of Cultural Affairs also approved her major production of "Awakenings & Beginnings Dance Festival" 2017 for the Barnsdall Gallery Theatre.

Her choreographic work has been commissioned for the PASSION Play in which she and her dancers performed for over 10,000 people by the end of the presentation's run. It was a huge success and Rubans Rouges Dance, Ms Andressen and her dancers were proud to be a part of it.

Ms Andressen was nominated Performance Artist of the Year (2012) and her choreography has been considered for Emmy nominations in various TV projects. "Coeur de Verre" was nominated for a RAW Artists Award for her dynamic choreographic merit and qualified as a finalist competing, and has won 2 competitions professionally. Salli Saffioti, Actress (NYPD Blue & ER) and Voice Over Artist said this about "Coeur de Verre", "Having seen Noelle's story told through dance, she is the full expression of hope and life and strength. Her artistic vision is uniquely her own and is a force. I was honored to see her perform."​

Ms Andressen has a vast background in production as well and currently produces: “Awakenings & Beginnings Dance Festival” at Diavolo Space, an annual dance festival that incorporates seasoned professional choreographers who desire to further awaken their craft and present new works; and also for the professional emerging artists who wish to share their artistic beginnings. Other Sold-Out shows includes: Summer Series Showcase, "Red Ribbons & Memories"; "Secrets & The Silent Rose";  "Fight for Love" and "MOSAIC"; Co-produced "UNDRESSED" 2009 at Moorpark's Performing Arts Center and solely produced "Dance Expo 2012, 2013".

​​Additionally, Ms. Andressen works as an actress and model appearing in several national magazines such as PARENTS, and photo books as a dancer including Maybelline Model and TV & Film Actress Tomiko Fraser-Hines's "UNbound" who additionally commissioned her choreographic work for Goddess Gathering 6 Year Anniversary Gala which featured Vanessa Williams. Ms. Andressen's acting credits including: PROFILE; Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip; CSI; and numerous other independent films and TV productions, including national commercials.

Another one of Ms Andressen's multi-talents in the arts includes film-making in which she received Emmy nominations for her: writing, music composition & producing and was honored with an EMA Media Award - Las Vegas Media Awards Show for Women in Film. She is also an accomplished seamstress who's had her designs in national magazines such as: Better Homes & Gardens, and on TV: ABC's Extreme Makeover-Home Edition and "According to Jim" and has costumed many dance concerts for college and university performances. (The Emmy logo is the trademark of the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences). 

Charity is an important part of her life. She continues to provide regional outreach programs to under-served community members and other charities by donating her time, art and dance teaching to: Thrill the World L.A., One Circle, and American Cancer Society's Relay for Life in which she served and continues to serve as Chair for Luminaria Ceremony.  This will be her dance company's fifth year providing a dance of HOPE "Emergence" for the hour long LUMINARIA Ceremony event. Since 2011, her dance company also helps raises funds every year to support the American Cancer Society for Relay for Life. This is her fifth year that she sits as Luminaria Chair for The American Cancer Society's annual event: "Relay for Life" in which she produces an hour long program "Luminaria Ceremony". This program merges: dance, film, performances, and candlelight vigil that helps raise awareness and funds to help find the cure for cancer. READ MORE ABOUT OUR OUTREACHES & PROGRAMS.

In 2014, Ms. Andressen noticed that her eyesight began to worsen at a rapid speed. Upon going to a doctor, she was told that she was legally blind, she now has a disability. After months of follow up tests, it was also discovered that she has glaucoma. The future of her eyesight remains unknown. She's had to learn to adapt and and re-learn many things one could easily take for granted. While this is still a new challenge for her, she has chosen to rise above it all and succeed. As for her dancing, she's made adjustments and decided to not give up and not give in.​ ​​