"Tour Ten" - Rubans Rouges Dance celebrates their anniversary with a ten city tour countdown. Join us for our celebration of our company, our dancers, the arts, media and dynamic programming throughout the year. It all started with a young woman having just survived breast cancer, a ballet class, a dream and Red Ribbons™.


Kicking off our tour in Manhattan, New York City on September 15, 2018.

Baton Rouge, September 21, 2018

Portland, Las Vegas, Europe
​January 2019:
​San Francisco, Los Angeles and more coming soon!

Please be sure to check back for updated schedule and listing.

Touring Pieces: Red Ribbons™ - various sections from the full 50 minute piece including "Coeur de Verre", "Shattered Innocence", "Storm"; The Silent Rose; art of brokenness; DanceWarrior; Empowered Women; and more. Choreography by Noelle Rose Andressen. Executive Produced by The Board of Rubans Rouges Dance. Produced by Kristopher Kale; Mr. Goldman; various associate producers. Sponsored by: The Andressen Family. Under the auspices of Fractured Atlas.

Our Privacy & NOTICE: We reserve the right to keep our privacy about our event details. Any and all means of any person, company or entity, foreign and/or domestic, that may attempt to thwart our company's business and/or interfere with our company's business, and/or cause harm to any one of our business and/or creative staff, will be seen as not only a violation of our privacy and a right to conduct business free from any obstruction, it may also result in severe legal action. Any infringement upon our copyright information will be filed against including but not limited to any videos Miss Noelle Rose Andressen-Kale (Kale is her married name) makes, distributes, speaks, etc. Any attempt at stealing our company and/or business information will be held legally accountable. Any attempt made to stalk or harm in any way especially to our company members, invade, record, steal, share, sell, loan, give our private conversations and/or company conversations whether they occur on the phone or in private or in public, will be filed with the FCC and all other law enforcement. Unlawful surveillance and any surveillance will be turned over to the proper authorities, we will prosecute. We do NOT give permission for any of our conversations to be used in any way accept for how we decide that they may be used. We expect all our communication to not be copied or shared in any way. We will defend all our members and our company at all costs. Any attempt to use other companies and/or persons to cause harm or obstruct our performances will also be turned over to the proper authorities and responsible parties held legally accountable. Any one who assists anyone or any entity to cause us harm in any form will also be held legally accountable.

Awakenings & Beginnings - The Empowered Woman NYC Special Edition

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​Full House - 82% Capacity