​​​"Choose DANCE" (official trademark) 

An after-school program for under-served communities and at-risk youth that encourages teens and youth (K-12) to choose dance over drugs, alcohol & other detrimental addictions & behavioral patterns such as bullying, cutting and eating disorders. ​​Within this program, we encourage the youth to choose healthier lifestyles, positive behavioral choices, and being a leader in their communities by re-directing any angst they may be experiencing in their life challenges as they go through growth and maturity. We reward with positive reinforcement and goal oriented paths. Did we also mention there is a lot of fun dancing and expression coupled with outreach performances to help spread the "good news of good choices." (official trademark)

Ms Noelle Andressen crafted this intensive and creative program curriculum in with input from and in collaboration with early childhood educators, her students, and ran a pilot test-run through Parks and Recreation. It was well received by the community and is on its way to many locations near you.

If you are interested in bringing this powerful program to your institution, please reach out to our office to have one of our Program Ambassadors connect with you. This is a free program that we receive financial support from grants by our sponsors to bring this to you. Should you choose to use your own staffing but want to use our program, we also provide licensing options for a fee. Copyright of this program's curriculum belongs to Rubans Rouges Dance & Ms Andressen. This was a program Ms Andressen & her mother worked on together before her untimely passing. Dedicated in love to Shirley Marie Gitlin, an early childhood educator. Mother & daughter desired to open a school for kids that would act as a day care for the pre-school youth and after school care.

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