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Awakenings & Beginnings International Dance Festival™ 2018

Under the auspices of Glendale Arts

Schedule of Events​

January 12 - 28th, 2018 


​​Our deepest kudos & heartfelt gratitude to supporters, crew and artists who make this festival possible. Thank you to the dance community! We LOVE YOU!!! Our theme this year picks up on our logo for the festival dated back to a photo from 2012. This year's theme: "Colours of Our World" is based on this photo Darrin VanGorder shot.

KUDOS & Kind Wishes from our colleagues

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7th Annual Awakenings & Beginnings International Dance Festival™ Schedule (tba)

7th Annual Awakenings & Beginnings International Dance Festival™ Applications

Awakenings & Beginnings Dance Festival Magazine

Our inaugural launch of our "Awakenings & Beginnings Dance Festival" Magazine is available for download on line. It features gorgeous photos of the event & brief editorials.

Here's some wonderful notes from our colleagues about "Awakenings & Beginnings Dance Festival":

“Noelle, you have a wonderful, open spirit. Thank you so much for your support of me and of the dance community.” Janet Roston’s LA Rock Opera

“The Awakenings and Beginnings festival is an opportunity for discovery. Noelle Andressen creates a warm, welcoming environment for professional and emerging artists to showcase their work. For me the experience was incendiary—a festival full of sparks of inspiration and creativity.” Tess Jacobs, ArtBark International

“We had such a wonderful time with you. Thank you again for letting us be a part of your festival. I am really grateful for the opportunity. Your dancing was beautiful!” Marlita Hill

“Noelle, Thank you to you! I appreciate you inviting me to participate. We truly enjoyed it! Congratulations to you and your dancers too. It was a great afternoon and evening of Dance! Till next year!” Albertossy Espinoza LA FUSION Dance Theatre

“Lovely to share a stage. So great to see you all there, great to be with you all, and I loved the dance blog, very complimentary to all!” JudithFLEX Helle, Luminario Ballet of Los Angeles

“Dear Noelle, I wanted to thank you again for including my work “The Crazies” and San Pedro City Ballet’s dancers on your program Awakenings and Beginnings this past weekend. I feel it was an invaluable experience for the girls to be involved in such a well-run professional production such as yours. The program was perfectly adjudicated, eclectic, and included something for everyone. The dancers in the other companies were a joy to watch and the girls could not stop talking about the amazing master class with Michael Nickerson-Rossi. It was truly a learning experience for them in every respect and one they will not soon forget.” Patrick Bradley, Artistic Director, San Pedro City Ballet

“Bravo choreographers! A nice evening of dance. Thank you for including Nickerson-Rossi as part of your community of artists and venue. Until next time!” Michael Nickerson-Rossi Dance 

"I was impressed how organized Noelle & her team were.   They got the festival up with all the t's crossed and i's dotted!  Usually with so much to take care of, and with little resources, this is not always the case, (even when producing my own productions.)  The promotions were excellent, both shows sold out.  But I have to admit, one of my favorite parts of the festival was Noelle has masseuses for backstage for us!  WHAT?  I tell you, after my wacky idea of creating a dance on a seesaw to the journey of it's performance, I was so happy to get some relief from my muscles having to stabilize me so much.  I also loved meeting new people in the dressing room, as well as the opportunity to try out new work."  Thanks Rubans Rouges! Paula Present, Artistic Director, PTERO Dance Theatre

“Many thanks to you, Noelle, for inviting us (The Nicole McKenzie Improv Group) to be part of the matinee of Awakenings & Beginnings. Diavolo is an amazing place, new to most of us -- it was wonderful to have so much space to move in! We felt welcomed, had nice interactions with your helpers and the other dancers, and we're truly grateful for the opportunity to be witnessed in our improvisational play.” Ruth Alpert, Nicole McKenzie Improv Group

“Thanks Noelle for having us! The show was wonderful and I was very grateful to be apart of such a diverse and exceptional line up of companies! Once again Noelle thank you for all that you do!!!” -Wendi, Relentless Dance Theater 

​“Merge Dance Theatre was thrilled to be part of Rubans Rouges Dance Companies, Awakenings & Beginnings Dance Festival, at Diavolo Dance Space in LA. Noelle and her crew made the production process simply and were incredibly sweet on top of everything. The Diavolo space was a dream space for any choreographer and dancers and made our staging easy during the technical process. MDT's dancers learned a lot from the company class lead by Michael Nickerson-Rossi. Plus our artist director had the opportunity to reconnect and make new connects with other choreographers and dancers around California's dance scene. MDT hopes to have the opportunity to work with Rubans Rouges Dance Company in the future!” Jennifer LaCurran MERGE Dance Theatre

“So nice to have been invited to play with the LA peeps!” Love Robin, Robin Bisio Films & Arna Bee​

"Awakenings & Beginnings Dance Festival" has a very special creation arc as it started out as a donation by Ms Andressen's mentors in the form of a space subsidy grant for DIAVOLO's downtown performance space. Ms Andressen's mentors had placed a deposit on the space and Rubans Rouges Dance assumed the contract and paid off the remainder of the rental. Ms Andressen and her mentors discussed the timing of the festival not wanting to conflict with other festivals in the area. Rubans Rouges Dance's Board did research and found there weren't any dance festivals in the Los Angeles area in January. January 19th would be the festival's inaugural launch date with future festivals around that date annually. 

Brainstorming what to name the festival ensued knowing they wanted it to encapsulate the artistic feel of the space and a very inclusive work ethic. The words: "fresh starts" & "clean slates" were considered. What was birthed: "Awakenings & Beginnings". It plays on the festival being at the beginning of the year and symbolizes how our traditions like having a new start and attempting to begin all over again. There's something magical about beginning afresh and wiping the slate clean. It gives us all an opportunity to take in a deep breath and breathe. There's a dual meaning in the festival's name. It has the heart beat of the artist in mind.

"Awakenings" is for the established artist that wants to challenge themselves and their work in a new way of growth.
"Beginnings" is symbolic of the emerging choreographer that desires to have an opportunity to share their work and develop their voice.

All of the artists are professional and have made this festival a vibrant, elegant and artistic blend of community and expression and most importantly: a deep love for dance. We like to think of it as an "on-growing" family. Not all submissions are accepted into the festival but we do encourage you to try again. We are looking for a certain level of technique, expression, and professionalism that also fits in with the chosen annual theme.

The first year was very exciting as the show sold-out and a lengthy wait list with standing room only left. It encourages us to know that we are appreciated as we work hard to bring you more in depth productions.

Each year the festival announces new facets to the show that takes it to the next level. An educational facet which allows college students to perform and experience a professional venue and performance environment and two incredible shows: Opening & Closing Night Performances, both with great professional artists that brings two completely different programs.

"Ultimately, I want all the artists to have an opportunity to show L.A. their best work and feel free to create pieces for the festival that cause a deeper awakening as a creator. I'm so grateful for all the dancers, companies, artistic directors, crew, supporters, my colleagues, teachers, mentors, friends & family that have been a part of this journey thus far. The company as a whole wants this to be a great experience for everyone involved including the audience. Los Angeles does have a strong concert dance background and currently has even stronger, talented and very dedicated craftsmen and women who have a lot to say and share with movement. I love this dance community so deeply and I'm honored to be a part of it. This festival is a small way I want to give back that which was given to me." ​Noelle Andressen, Artistic Director 

Awakenings & Beginnings Dance Festival's History

Awakenings & Beginnings Dance Festival 2018 Applications are now LIVE!

​ALL NEW Programming, Continued Growth, more performance opportunities!

You must first pay the $35 application fee via PayPal button below. Thank you Artists! We love you! Call our office for questions.

Under the Auspices of Glendale Arts