In Book Three Noelle Rose finds herself in a seemingly impossible situation with many ears listening and many eyes watching her every move, she manages to bring peace and overcome her foes. During her travels she finds out more secrets about the RED RIBBONS and their magical strength and a dark, daring admirer makes himself known.

In this Fifth Book, the series takes on a new turn as Noelle Rose matures into a young adult. She falls in love but questions his alliance as Alexander returns. Noelle Rose's "sister" also returns but Alexander vows to keep them apart. In the most exciting and suspenseful installment thus far, find out how our heroine triumphs over tragedy.

Book Two in the series broadens the continuing saga and sheds light about Noelle Rose's history as she faces off with her nemesis and villain Alexander. A special "Truth See-er" interprets the reoccurring vision Noelle Rose keeps having as the memory of her mother resurfaces. She discovers the healing power of the red ribbons and finds a friend in the least likeliest of places.

RED RIBBONS has been a beloved children's book series that is based on a true story (stories) that have been re-told in an allegorical tale and adventures that are suitable and created just for children. There are valuable life lessons for the youth as well as entertaining stories. Join our heroine Noelle Rose as she battles evil turning tragedy into triumph using dance, music, song, love and her voice to win the day.

Book One in the series. The fairy tale about Noelle Rose begins as her epic journey into a world of her past and present collide and create the future or is it the past. Find out the truth about her RED RIBBONS, their magic powers and the truth about her destiny as she frees the children from bondage.

With the fourth Book in the Red Ribbons Series Noelle Rose is captured by Alexander. Noelle Rose's skill, wisdom, and strength not only save her but saves a friend from the past as she searches for the truth about her mother.