For those familiar with our older donation process, that still want to use PayPal with a credit card, Please use PayPal button below. However, we strongly encourage you to use Glendale Arts.​​ To donate via credit card through Glendale Arts, please use the Glendale Arts Donation Button (below). ​Please make sure you are donating to: Rubans Rouges Dance.

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Partner with us
You are an integral part of our company & community. 
​There are many ways to support us:

1. GIVE a tax deductible donation

2. JOIN our fundraising campaigns

3. VOLUNTEER at any of our events

4. SHARE on your social media networks

5. OUTREACH with our community programs

Donation Thank You Gifts
All your donations are tax deductible to the fullest amount and extent that the law allows for. Your charitable gifts mean so much to us. Our funds are used to pay our dancers, cast, honorariums, costumes, set design, traveling & rehearsal stipends, staff, and crew. We also present festivals, shows, showcases, and have several outreaches that rely on your graciousness to continue flourishing. 

​As a return thank you for your care, 
we've crafted/arranged some beautiful
gifts from our hearts to yours:

Donations for $25.00 - 49.00 you'll receive a beautiful print signed by our dancers.
Donations for $50.00 - 99.00 you'll receive a 2018 company calendar.
Donations for $100.00 - 499.00 2 complementary tickets to our current performance.
Donations over $500.00 an exclusive photo of our company, crafted & signed by Lois Greenfield, world renown dance photographer.

After you've made a donation, please contact us 310.890.8285 so we can properly thank you with your gift. Glendale Arts will verify all gifts with us. Rubans Rouges Dance is a 501 c3 under the umbrella and fiscal sponsorship of: Glendale Arts.