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Board and Staff


Executive Managing Director
Kristopher, a Native American of the Chickasaw and Cherokee tribes, has been composing music for over 40 years. In 2004 he received a region Emmy nomination for his original score for "Baby Doe's Heartbeat". In earlier years, he and his wife Ms. Andressen, had a band Amoureux Music which skillfully merged orchestrations and rock. He is also an accomplished film maker receiving Emmy nominations for his production including cinematography, being a producer, and composer.

He received his BFA at UNLV and also has extensive experience as a business entrepreneur. He currently works as a paralegal, accountant, and as Rubans Rouges Dance's principle composer.

Please view the MUSICpage for samples of his work.

Executive Assistant, Stage Manager

Jay Kenneth, born and raised in Las Vegas, is an accomplished technician for the arts in film and dance production. He’s worked as a Stage Manager for “Awakenings & Beginnings Dance Festival” at Diavolo Space, a camera man for World Choreographer Awards, Sound Technician for various dance concerts at The Miles Memorial Playhouse, Diavolo Space, ARC in Pasadena, and a stage hand for Dance Expo 2012-2013. His videography credits across the arts include: ADaPT Fest, dozens of independent film projects and music concerts. His film credits include the Emmy nominated docu-drama “Baby Doe’s Heartbeat”, which earned him an EMA Media Award nomination for his sound mixing. He has mixed sound for other independent films such as “ENTROPY, Without Him” that played at major film festivals including Idylwild Cinefest, and Balinale Film Festival as official selections. Computer Science and graphic design are his second profession in which he’s designed marquee posters for top film and dance productions with some credits for music billboards. Fields of Study: Computer Science and Pharmaceuticals. He has interned at various Pharmaceutical companies and labs in which his main focus of study is compounding pharmaceuticals, is a licensed pharmacy technician, and is furthering his studies to become a Pharmacist and work as a chemist to find a cure for cancer. 

Outreach Relations Director
Selenia Zepeda
, A powerful generation X lady full of life and energy! Her strong work ethic and determination has brought her through life and a wealthy history of job experience in customer service, medical billing corporately and childcare. Providing medical billing for children with different mental health disorders intrigued her to find out more in the field concerning children, as she has such a deep love for them. Her background includes fulfilling her dream of graduating college with Associates Degree and a Bachelors Degree in Child Development at Ashworth College. She has been working in the field of Early Childhood Education for 9 years and has assisted with fundraising for the following organizations: the American Cancer Society, Relay for Life, Ronald McDonald House, Autism Speaks, SIDS Walk, Revlon Run Walk and Susan G. Komen Foundation. "It has been a blessing being part of these organizations that raise awareness, have such a huge crusade and gives back to the community. Being a big dreamer and a visionary I still continue to keep my options open as I continue to thrive with my talent and be part of something big that can help and influence others and our communities."

Board Members (not all listed)

Aarin Gitlin,

Laura Deesen,

Sheila Gardunia,