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Board, Staff, Consultants, Associates


Executive Managing Business Director
Kristopher, a Native American of the Chickasaw, Choctaw, and Cherokee tribes, has been composing music for over 40 years. In 2004 he received a region Emmy nomination for his original score for "Baby Doe's Heartbeat". In earlier years, he and his wife Miss Andressen, had a band Amoureux Music which skillfully merged orchestrations and rock. He is also an accomplished film maker receiving Emmy nominations for his production including cinematography, as a producer, and composer. He received his BFA at UNLV and also has extensive experience as a business entrepreneur. He currently works as a paralegal, accountant, business consulting, and as Rubans Rouges Dance's principle composer. He currently acts as the Executive Managing Director for Rubans Rouges Dance on the Executive Board and serves on various grant panels.

Please view the MUSICpage for samples of his work.

Assistant Managing Director, Assistant Choreographer, Stage Manager

Jay Kenneth, born and raised in Las Vegas, is an accomplished technician for the arts in film and dance production. He’s worked as a Stage Manager for “Awakenings & Beginnings Dance Festival” at Diavolo Space, a camera man for World Choreographer Awards, Sound Technician for various dance concerts at The Miles Memorial Playhouse, Diavolo Space, ARC in Pasadena, and a stage hand for Dance Expo 2012-2013. His videography credits across the arts include: ADaPT Fest, dozens of independent film projects and music concerts. His film credits include the Emmy nominated docu-drama “Baby Doe’s Heartbeat”, which earned him an EMA Media Award nomination for his sound mixing. He has mixed sound for other independent films such as “ENTROPY, Without Him” that played at major film festivals including Idylwild Cinefest, and Balinale Film Festival as official selections. He has interned at various Pharmaceutical companies and labs in which his main focus of study is compounding pharmaceuticals, is a licensed pharmacy technician, and is furthering his studies to become a Pharmacist and work as a chemist to find a cure for cancer. 

Executive Public Relations Director & Community Relations
Anne Gitlin, an East Coast native from New England has enjoyed the arts and administrating in them for decades. She brings with her a vast background of knowledge and media experience in production and entertainment being that her family has its roots in the industry for many years. She worked at various media corporations in public relations and human resources. While her favorite to work in is media and film, she places the dance arts in her top three. She loves Rubans Rouges Dance over most other companies because of the merging of all the arts that she enjoys. She plans to remain with this company for as long as possible to continue to bring growth to its members. She is currently working on completing her MFA at a Southern California University and spends her spare time with her family of five and horseback riding at their ranch.

Intern Level II

Karolina Dobscha, originally from Moldova, she trained as a dancer independently on the East Coast. She celebrates her Irish and Russian heritage in the form of historical & cultural dance. She has had the pleasure of performing with Rubans Rogues Dance in the Pre-Pro Ensemble: Red Ribbons Ensemble and for other companies globally. Currently, she is attending a community college preparing for transfer to a University in which she will study dance and communications.

Legal Representative 
Peter Perkowski
, founder of Perkowski Legal, PC. A former partner at an international law firm, Mr. Perkowski has nearly 20 years of experience in intellectual property, business litigation, and immigration matters. Mr. Perkowski started his career advising clients and litigating high-profile cases at the Los Angeles entertainment powerhouse Troop Steuber Pasich Reddick & Tobey, followed by stints with top international firms Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher and Winston & Strawn. His experience has included litigating, consulting, and advising on patent, trademark, copyright, publicity rights, false advertising, and trade secret disputes, as well as providing guidance on IP rights protection, enforcement, licensing, and clearance. He has appeared in state and federal trial-level and appellate courts across the country and has also assisted clients in immigration matters before the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (formerly the INS) and immigration courts at all levels. For his work, Managing Intellectual Property has named him an “IP Star” (2013-2015), and Intellectual Asset Management has given him a Bronze rating in its IAM Patent 1000 (2012-2015), recognizing him as a “brilliant strategist” with “intellectual firepower” who provides “outstanding client service” across the spectrum of IP litigation. In 2010, the National LGBT Bar Association included Mr. Perkowski on its inaugural Best LGBT Lawyers Under 40 list.

Other Legal

Rubans Rouges Dance, The Andressen Estate, The Kale Estate, and all creative entities and pursuits are under various legal counsel and representatives.

Board Members (not all members listed)  Aarin Gitlin, Markus Gabel, Laura Deesen, Sheila Gardunia, Kristopher Kale, Jay Kenneth,

Erica Cooperman, Jonathan Rossi,

Please note: The Governing Board of Rubans Rouges Dance completely supports Miss Noelle Rose Andressen. This company is not for sale and never will be. The heart of Rubans Rouges Dance is Ms. Noelle Rose Andressen. When her contract is up and if she chooses not to renew it, the company will then fall into trust of the Andressen Estate. It will then remain a family owned entity including all its work(s) visually, artistically, and all that is in trust.

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