Red Ribbons ~ The Story Behind Rubans Rouges Dance Company

by Noelle Rose Andressen
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Have you not heard? Have you not seen? Do you not know the story of RED RIBBONS? 

My story is not unlike many other women's stories who've been through this travesty. The names are different, the locations vary, but one thing that is common: innocence was lost--innocence was shattered. And that precious child's life will never be the same again.  This story is my story. . .(READ MORE BY DOWNLOADING STORY)

Red Ribbons & Memories

Dance Concert   August 2013

Ms. Andressen would finally get the chance to complete her passoinate vision with the 45 minute long version of the entire piece "Red Ribbons". The epic saga was finally presented in its full form with beautiful lighting design, dedicated dancers, her mentors who first saw the original 4 minute piece through and other family & friends that were undoubtedly touched by the tragedy of sexual child abuse. It was a beautiful night set against a canvas of love.

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​​​​​​​​​​​About Rubans Rouges Dance Company

Rubans Rouges (roo 'bon rooj), French for Red Ribbons founded in 2009 by dancer and choreographer: Noelle Rose Andressen.  READ BELOW about how the company was named. 

Noelle merged her two artistic passions: dance & film on stage and screen with her contemporary modern dance company to develop a breakthrough piece: "Shattered Innocence (Red Ribbons)". From there she has developed dance performance pieces with passion and theatrical artistry that explore the human condition through narrative story lines. 

The spirit of Rubans Rouges can be seen in the lavish use of provocative lighting schemes, costume design and the artistic applications of scenery and props. The desire is to have dance pieces of high artistic value, and also be entirely accessible and enjoyable to the audience.

Mission: To have each audience member connect on several different levels to these creations; the mind to understand the intent, the heart to feel the depths of the emotional content, and the soul to be ennobled to new enriching heights of creativity. Highly supportive of helping other artists and reciprocating to further share performance venues in a non-competitive atmosphere that cultivates community and camaraderie internationally. Based in NYC, LA, and Europe.

Showcases, Dance Concerts, Evenings of Dance & Festivals

We love our audience & community. We want to continue to bring high quality performances to the various communities in which we share our work. Our ensemble has played to SOLD OUT audiences continuously. 

"Awakenings & Beginnings Dance Festival" TM (official trademark)

This is an annual dance festival that incorporates professional, seasoned choreographers who desire to further awaken their craft and present new works; and also for the professional emerging artists who wish to share their artistic beginnings along with the mid-career artist who continues to create. Submission based and with a few invites to those companies who've enraptured our hearts with their work. Traditionally held at Diavolo Space in downtown Los Angeles in the Brewery Arts Center.

"Summer Series" 

​Every summer in a theater setting Rubans Rouges Dance presents a concert length work and is accompanied by 4 other professional companies. Invite-Only - not a festival.

"Our Repertoire Concert"

This is all original work that is exclusive to Rubans Rouges Dance Company & its ensembles. It is currently featured in the Summer Series.

"MOSAIC" TM (Official Trademark)
An inspiring and spiritually uplifting program incorporating the youth in our community for a pre-show and celebrating cultural diversity. Currently featured in the Summer Series. MOSAIC is about putting all the pieces back together to form a beautiful piece of expression. From shards to completed works of art: MOSAIC.

"Works Showcases" 

An evening of works in progress in an intimate studio setting. This also serves as a company fundraiser.

Our Dance Films

Having been successful indie and Emmy nominated film producers, writers and music composers, dance on film is an integral part of our multi-media dance company. These productions are short term. We hold auditions specifically to cast for these parts. This is very separate from our touring dance ensembles (pro & pre-pro). We occasionally choose dancers and performers from these ensembles. We also use the film production aspect of our company to create dramatic and cinematic film projections to incorporate in our formal dance concerts. Some have been seen in dance festivals, on TV, YouTube, and served as "B" roll for other productions. Our films are meant to inspire and encourage and to reveal the human spirit as precious. 

Dancers & Performers for the 2016 Season​
AUDITION NOTICE: We will be holding an audition in LA for our upcoming repertoire show. 
What we are looking for: Professional, experienced dancers, minimum 3 years performance experience, male and female dancers well versed in modern and contemporary with a strong ballet background. 
Skills required - mandatory: partnering, lifts, athletic abilities, Horton technique preferred. You MUST continue to take class, and also attend company class. If you don't meet the requirements for our pro ensemble company, we do have a pre-pro touring ensemble that you may also audition for. Please refer to our AUDITION PAGE at RUBANS ROUGES DANCE for updates. We also work with actors and musicians. To verify a dancer's credits with our company, please contact our office. Dancers can be part of either ensembles in the company or hired per project.

Community Outreaches & Programs

Rubans Rouges Dance Company takes pride in the community and sees people as blessings. To give back to this wonderful world, our dance tribe reaches out to share the gift of dance.