Even though we are now embarking on our 12th year, we're still going to call our tour TOUR 10! To show that we just don't give up!

Submit your applications not only for the main performance (it's still TBA), but we are providing other venues, events, activities, master classes, performance opportunities and more for all of you. NOTE: This is very important. If you were selected for 2019's festival and you have not gotten an email or phone call from us, please get in touch with us. Our email, site, and other things have endured being hacked & attacked among other things. Please let us make it right and re-invite you for 2002's festival. As we re-build our festival, its schedule of events, participants, etc. we will update all images to reflect that. For more INFO please check our festival page

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It's here! "Awakenings & Beginnings International Dance Festival"! The First Dance Festival of the Year for Los Angeles produced by Emmy nominated producers and EMA Media Award Winners - Respect Earned & Given. Produced in prestigious venues across the country such as Ailey's Citigroup Theatre, off-Broadway Joan Weill Center for the Dance Arts, Diavolo, and more. This year's theme for our tenth installment is BREATHE. 

Professional Dancers - Choreographers - Teachers! We want you! Thus far we have incredible artists submitting that once again have impressed us but our roster is filling up fast. Get your applications in asap in the bar below​. We're so pleased that we not only have been able to get our festival back up and running after narrowly surviving two catastrophic accidents, but we've expanded it to be 6 months long starting January 3, 2020 until June 30, 2020. Vie for our Awakening Award® and Honorarium; walk the RED Ribbons Red Carpet at the VIP Gala; new to our festival: be partnered with a mentor in our mentorship program; and see who we honor with the Awakening Award® Honoring a Special Community Artist. Past recipients: Lois Greenfield, Lori Bellilove & the Isadora Duncan Dance Company.

Ms. Andressen's DanceWarrior® leadership skills, remarkable strength, along with her motto: "Turn tragedy into triumph" continues to reign in our hearts and guide our company. As we find ourselves in an underdog situation, Rejoice with us as we found the diamond in the rough and have most definitely made lemonade from lemons and found the beauty in all things. With a zero budget this year we've found very creative, ethical, and professional ways to prosper. As we've posted on Ms. Andressen's social media accounts and ours, there has been a mix-up/mistake as Diavolo double booked us. So, we are all working together to remedy this situation professionally, respectfully, and timely. We owe it all to Ms. Noelle Rose Andressen, who is more than a heroine to us. Her fierceness and powerful passion ignited more brilliantly than her red hair. To honor her we decided it was fitting for her to lead the way with grace, beauty, and strength. She chose to donate her talents and concept for our poster. Thank you for the beautiful photo shoot.

Thank you to all those who are helping us, you know we love you. We'll be sure to give extra shout outs for your kindness and help. We also thank you for recognizing not only Noelle Rose Andressen's strong dance technique, but her powerful display of not giving up. She has worked very hard to rehabilitate and we and others believe she'll be an even stronger dancer than before. As she states, "I'll just do it all in pain. I'm not quitting. I'm not intimidated. Once you've been through hell, the rest is easy."



Miss Andressen is German-Austrian we found it fitting for her to be on a German cover.



Kristopher Kale, Emmy nominated composer
​Featuring Noelle Rose & Amoureaux


note: You may not use this music for any purpose except private usage/listening. To use our music in your productions, or for anything whether tickets are sold or not, you must pay a royalty fee and get permission. It is the law. We give discounts to schools and non profits.

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