Awakenings & Beginnings Dance Festival 2016

L.A.'s beloved 4th Annual "Awakenings & Beginnings Dance Festival" January 23, 2016 at Diavolo Space is now accepting applications. Deadline Oct 31, 2015. Please download application, read instructions & guidelines as they have changed considerably. Lots of surprises added to this trendy fest. Participants will be announced the second week of November. If you are having difficulty with the form, please call us. Please pay 25.00 fee first with the "Buy Now" button and fill in your PayPal confirmation number on the form. Thank you.

This production is under the auspices of Glendale Arts.

Dance Channel TV 
Features "Awakenings & Beginnings Dance Festival 2014"

Performance - ARC in Pasadena
Friends & Family Dance Festival Nancy Evans Dance Theatre
OCT 10 & 11th  Tickets HERE 
CONGRATULATIONS to Noelle Rose Andressen, our Artistic Director. ENTROPY a dance film, will be screening early 2015 at the Idyllwild Festival of Cinema.​ This was not produced by Ms. Andressen. The imdb is incorrectly credited.

Dancers Fighting Cancer Outreach
Movement classes for the cancer patient (in various stages of treatment & recovery) Fridays 11am - 11:50am MORE DETAILS

Awakenings & Beginnings Dance Festival
NOW accepting applications for L.A.'s beloved festival on January 23, 2016 at Diavolo Space. Submit your work.

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About Noelle Andressen, dancer, choreographer, Artistic Director
​Noelle Rose Andressen - Professional dancer, choreographer, dance educator, special events producer/presenter and show curator. In 2009 she merged dance and her Emmy nominated film-making to form professional, multi-media company: Rubans Rouges Dance. She produces: “Awakenings & Beginnings Dance Festival” at Diavolo Space... MORE

Stop The Bull
Rubans Rouges Dance Company has many outreaches: Red Ribbon Reach is one Stand up & speak out about abuse: physical, sexual, emotional, bullying, mental or verbal. Stay tuned for the PSA campaigns.

About Rubans Rouges Dance Company
Rubans Rouges (roo 'bon rooj), French for Red Ribbons founded in 2009 by dancer and choreographer: Noelle Rose Andressen. Noelle merged her two artistic passions: dance & film on stage and screen with her contemporary modern dance company to develop a breakthrough piece: "Shattered Innocence (Red Ribbons)". From there she has developed dance performance pieces with passion and theatrical artistry that explore the human condition through narrative story lines. MORE





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