About Noelle Andressen, dancer, choreographer, Artistic Director

Noelle Andressen began studying ballet at the age of four. She enjoyed a pre-pro dance career performing in dance & musical theater productions (McCallum Theater), and furthered her studies in dance disciplines such as: modern (Horton & Graham techniques), receiving her degree in fine arts - dance and in film.

Noelle is a dancer & choreographer who's had the privilege of performing and having her work seen on: ABC's "Modern Family", g.l.a.a.d. Awards Ceremony, TLN Cable Network, FlashMob America, warm-up/opener for Black Eyed Peas, One Circle, CSUN and several colleges.  MORE

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"Eye See You ~ Eye See Blue"

CONGRATULATIONS to Noelle hired as choreographer & cast as a dancer in a new dance film already in progress. 

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Features "Awakenings & Beginnings Dance Festival 2014"

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NOW ACCEPTING Submission Applications for: "Awakenings & Beginnings Dance Festival 2015" at Diavolo Space January 10, 2015

buzz ~ You are cordially invited to join us!

Rubans Rouges Dance Company's (trademark pend) performing in a new collaborative concert: ​BUZZ  November 2, 2015 7PM at Center Stage Theater in St. Barbara Featuring: ArtBark International, Drama Dogs Theater Company, Jessica Kondrath/The Movement, KIN Dance Company, K. Mrazek, L. Heartwell, T. Tillman, Melissa & Sarah Block, Mindy Nelson, Motion Theatre Dance Company, Rubans Rouges Dance Company, Selah Dance Collective, Watson Dance, Weslie Ching. A full evening of dance, music, & physical theater by local Santa Barbara and Southern LA performing artists filling the HIVE with wonder, magic, passion and extraordinary talent from Santa Barbara and Southern California. Join us for an evening of wonder! Designed by artists who seek more sustainable ways of producing the performing arts, the Open HIVE is an initiative that is lateral, co-operative, and co-creative launched by Maria Rendina-Frantz, Melissa Block, Meredith Cabaniss, and Misa & Stephen Kelly June of 2014. TICKETS HERE

February 1, 2014 - "Awakenings & Beginnings 2014 Dance Festival DIAVOLO Space had a massive sell-out for both the 2pm & 8pm shows! Videos & Photos coming soon.

Awakenings & Beginnings Dance Festival 2015

Thank you to our "Dance Angel" who wishes to remain anonymous. Because of your donation, we're choosing to use that to waive our application fee. THANK YOU Dance Angel!

Stop The Bull

Rubans Rouges Dance Company has many outreaches: Red Ribbon Reach is one Stand up & speak out about abuse: physical, sexual, emotional, bullying, mental or verbal. This month Noelle is being interviewed by The Bully News Network to share some of her stories and how she took a stand against bullying by means of her dancing and speaking up against abuse through her piece: art of brokenness.

About Rubans Rouges Dance Company

Rubans Rouges (roo 'bon rooj), French for Red Ribbons founded in 2009 by dancer and choreographer: Noelle Andressen. Noelle merged her two artistic passions: dance & film on stage and screen with her contemporary modern dance company to develop a breakthrough piece: "Shattered Innocence (Red Ribbons)". From there she has developed dance performance pieces with passion and theatrical artistry that explore the human condition through narrative story lines. MORE



"Thrill the World LA"

Almost time for another outreach for MJ's Thriller & a few other flashmobs. Check out Flash Mob America.

Rubans Rouges Dance Company

 HIVE - A special co-lab in Santa Barbara at Center Stage Theatre