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Dancers Fighting Cancer ~ Outreach

"Dancers Fighting Cancer" tm - An outreach to raise awareness & funds in the fight against cancer. Offering dance classes to support cancer patients & those in recovery/remission.  

"Dancers Fighting Cancer" is our ongoing outreach to hep raise funds, awareness and give comfort to those suffering through cancer by means of sharing our dancing. We have partnered with American Cancer Society's South Valley - Relay for Life to bring to you an incredible Luminaria Ceremony. Noelle reprises her role as Luminaria Chair for this event and will bring you a fabulous and heart touching hour long performance ceremony. RRDC, our dancers, and Noelle, donate their time fundraising for the ACS. Noelle has sat on the committee for the Annual Relay for Life event for South Valley Southern California for five years as Luminaria Chair. She'll be reprising her Chair position for 2016. We also visit cancer clinics and help cancer patients find inner beauty through movement by participating and watching uplifting performances. Our low impact movement and exploration classes that we offer are specifically designed for cancer patients and those in recovery/remission process. Current class schedule will be announced on this page very soon. Our staff instructor donates their time.